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      There is a well known celebrity couple in one of the newspapers today who have recently divorced but it seems have a great relationship. They are supportive, kind and respectful towards each other despite both moving on. There is no mud slinging, abuse, fear or mind games. This is a pleasure to see and something that I strive to have with my ex’s. Sadly my last two ex’s, neither could behave as decently as this example, but i can.

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      You have the peace of knowing that you have the moral upper hand. You left the situation, but you were not abusive or unkind at the end.

      A man who was not kind in a relationship won’t be nice at its close X

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      Thanks Serenity, yes i know. I’m happy with things now and feel that I have closure, this was after me breaking contact to wish him well and him ignoring it. I’m smiling inside, though he probably thinks that he is punishing me and that I am suffering. Its a pleasure to see that there are positive relationships, all of the abuse and turmoil that all of us have suffered is not the norm. I hope that you are well Serenity, any news on the trip abroad for the boys?

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      Dear Ladies, when you have a history of abusive relationships and bullying I think its quite easy to lose sight of what is normal, decent behaviour. I have for many years been subject to a range of bullying, cruel, spiteful and frightening behaviour by various people at school, work and in relationships. I thought that was normal, social interaction and just part of the rough & tumble of life. Since joining this forum, undergoing and recovering from a very calculating emotional abuser I have felt so much better and have a greater understanding of what is normal and right. We should feel loved, respected, cared for, supported and relaxed, not brainwashed, scared out of our wits, intimidated and belittled. I hope to have a normal healthy relationship sometime in the future, anything short of that I won’t bother. X*X

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      I have just seen another example of a really happy, normal couple. It is so nice to see. It gives me hope that this is actually normal and not anything out of the ordinary, i have never had this so far. You can see from how long they have been together, the body language from each, how they are making eye contact and touching each other. How each looks relaxed and as though they are completely comfortable. This is normal. With both of my ex’s the body language was the polar opposite of all of this. It is good to identify the difference between positive and negative. XXXXX

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      I have seen yet another couple today, I must just keep seeing them now. A lovely image of a man & women so in tune and happy together, it really is lovely to see. He loves her and respects her, I bet he never ever has hurt her or made her frightened, that sort of thinking and behavior just doesn’t match with the niceness. There are nice, kind, decent men out there.

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