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      I’ve been out (detail removed by Moderator) and had to change my user name. It was OK at first and he was all quite until he forced his way into our home refusing to leave. His family that came with him intimating me and telling me I’m lieing about everything. Take my (detail removed by Moderator) that he brought for me. I went back to my mums and got emergency accommodation. Its so lovely and I’m so grateful all family and friends have ralleyed around to help me. But I feel so lonely, unmotivated and just lost. I don’t know what to deal with first I have to sort out bills for the new place along with my unisersal credits and things for the legal aid as well as a car. I feel so scared him and his family will find us as I’m still in the same town. I just feel I need to talk with others that understand.

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      Sorry to hear this happened to you. I am glad your in a safe place. When you flee in crisis your emotions are all over the place. I found it helpful to make lists in my phone of admin stuff I needed to do and items I needed to buy, then ticked them off bit by bit. It gives you a starting point when your heads everywhere

      Has someone made a safety plan with you? The police and WA worker went over mine with me and it helped my anxiety of waiting for my ex to track me down.

      Well done for getting this far, breathe and just give yourself time to process and adjust. X

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      Thank you, I have wrote some things down, but I couldn’t even bear to look at it today. I’m not sure if it was a safety plan but a lady from my local wa rang me today and told me some things to look out for eg giving my address out to people calling pretending to be the council for example. Thank you I just feel I came so far and then all this happened and then its like 10 steps back without half our stuff. X

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      I know how you feel. Some say take it a day at a time, I say take it an hour at a time! From experience I learnt that possessions are replaceable, if you have a safe place to be, and a support network to help you through, you have everything you need. This mantra helped me rebuild my life and I’m sure you can too. You’ve got this 👍 💪 ❤️

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      Oh yes, it’s overwhelming some days and you’re exhausted from everything already. I found phoning people really hard. It’s great advice above to write a list and work through it. Just writing that list is a big tick, and they’ll be days you tick off several things and days you can’t even look at it – and that’s ok. Gosh making a decision in those first few weeks was impossible so don’t push yourself too hard, if some days you just need to nap that’s ok. Baby steps are still steps and it’s ok to stumble back every so often – you’re still further forward than you were!

      I don’t know if this helps but I felt like because I was out I had to have everything done and my house etc perfect or I was failing somehow, I’ve seen others say they felt the same but how unrealistic is that. It takes time to move and sort things so give it time. x

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