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      Hi I don’t how I can start my story .I just been victim of domestic abuse my ex was very intelligent he was controlling me financially and emotionally,also treating me but recently I escape from after threatened me to kill me and take my kids , since he was on bail but recently was cancelled .The police said not enough evidence and now I am trying to get occupation order and non molestation and I am so scared .very anxious and thoughtful cos I really don’t know what will happen I am feeling so negative .It takes time and so long to sort it out and just very tired ….😢

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      Hi Meliss,

      I am sorry you are going through this. Do you have anyone who can offer some support, family/friends?

      Have the police offered you any advise as to where you can go for help?

      Sending you big cyber hugs x

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        Thanks for your reply yes the police helped me we when I did the statement but because of non en on enough evidence they released him with a advising to don’t get any contact with me only via solicitors.Ive got some support of freinds wich I had socialise with them recently because I didn’t have freinds before I was in total controlling

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      Hi Meliss,

      I have been where you are- a very intelligent abuser controlling me financially, mentally, emotionally, sexually- you name it.

      I got a non mol and was supported no end by the National Centre for Domestic Violence who took the reins. Why not give them a call. At the very least, they can advise you and support you.

      The number is 0800 970 2070

      Good luck X

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        Hi serenity thank so much for ur reply .I did have contact with domestic who are working to get me an occupation order and non molestation so I am just waiting for the court now but it take so long and that get more stressed.

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      Ive been fighting for my safety and the safety of my kids .but since received a letter from the court that he want to take my kids and the flat in the main time.he said that i did fabricated all the story.and anothee form from cafcas .so worried for my kids and what will happen now.hw is very malicious and clever he is playing whith his disability to get our council flat .a big manipulated person and bog lier .he told me before that no one gonna believe me and i could not live without him .i am no so terrified he could distroy my life again i am feeling so bad and anxious .i would like that all could finish sooner …

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      Speak to Rights of Women.
      Also get a Women’s Aid worker to support you.
      They know the tricks of the abusers.
      Fight hard. Your life will not be destroyed.
      Research on the internet about abuse and form your argumentation. You can do it!

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      Hi there. I’ve just seen your message and really hope that you are ok. I got an occupation order against my ex. It took 2 months and although it cost me a lot of money. It was the best thing I ever did.

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