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      On this piece of crp. He’s there cracking on with his life were here suffering. I’ve just passed him in the car he were waving and grinning so annoyed x

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      I think a lot of us want revenge ,mine has sailed off into the sunset with another woman without even knowing the damage he has inflicted on me ,even tho I am few years out of it ,I have a quote which says (removed by moderator) if you know someone who is still alive cos you can’t afford a hit man it’s from minions quotes x

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      My ex hooted and waved at me from his car weeks after he left, whilst I was carrying heavy shopping bags up the street.

      I think they are actually sick. I don’t know if it’s more accurate to say they are mentally sick, emotionally sick, or their soul is sick. Whatever, they are certainly on the scale of pure human evil.

      Thing is, he’s hoping that you’ll react. He wants to hurt you. He can’t bear the thought of you moving on without him. So he’s doing things to try to hurt and annoy you.

      He’s not happy. If he were happy, he wouldn’t have the need to hurt you or anyone else. He’s hiding his anger and jealousy underneath that false mask, pretending to be jolly and pretending to have an amazing social life down at the pub, etc.

      Really, he’s like a spoilt and immature child. He doesn’t have the capacity to love and care for anyone else, though he demands love from other people- so he’s jealous that you are a good mum and focus on your kids. He wants 100% of your attention all the time, and to be waited on hand and foot.

      But why should you be someone else’s workhorse and neglect yourself? Why do such men believe they are loveable? They aren’t. Give me a strong, courageous and kind man any day, not a selfish slob with a sense of entitlement.

      If you react, he’ll know he’s got at you, and he will up his game.

      Someone once told me that the best revenge would be to move on from him and have a nice life. You can have a good life with the right support.

      And ‘revenge is a dish best served cold..’ – he’ll get his just desserts, but it might not be immediate.

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      I never wanted revenge. At first I was too broken, then I lived in hell and had no time for any emotions and wishes, after that I have to focus on my work life and all emotions for myself are shut down anyway. All I wanted was to get him out of my life and to live peacefully in safety.
      I still do not feel safe, because I think that he knows where I live. I moved very far away and it will be difficult for him to come here.
      He may be good looking and cunning for people, but I know the sad figure he is. What he did will catch up with him anyway. He got away lightly, but the universe has the last word.

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      Yes, Ayanna, I truly believe this too.

      The universe has the last word.

      They might fool their victims still, but before they pop their clogs, I am certain something will happen to them which serves them their just desserts.


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      mixed-up mum

      Yes the best revenge is for you to be happy – as hard as it may be sometimes don’t ever let him see he’s ‘got to you’, or upset you – if he gets no reaction from you then then he gets no ‘fun’ from it!!!

      Try and not react to anything he says or does – that way he has no idea what’s going on in your head.

      If he sees a confident, outgoing you – having fun and moving on with your life – then he gets no satisfaction – cos he can’t see your still upset, or still hurting.

      Just try and keep your head held high and look like everything is just ‘wonderful’ in your life.

      He doesn’t need to know for example – if the kids are playing up and wont do as you ask them – if money is tight and you are struggling to make ends meet – and you are lonely and desperate for company – if he doesn’t know any of that then he can’t ‘use it against you’.

      I should just listen to my own advice here though….. 😉

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