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    here goes. wakes up again 4am could hardly breathe with the anxiety, its that bad i cantcstop being sick. i have had to ring in work cancel my shift. the overwhelming feeling of dred is killing me. im so in control of everything but this feeling uts crippling me

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    I’m sorry you’re going through this. I went through the same and I know it’s hell. Just know that it’s normal and it will pass. It’s trauma, probably PTSD. Keep everything to a minimum. Don’t take on any extra activities or commitments. Find a good trauma counsellor. Does your work have private health care? Can you search for local charities that offer free counselling. Get in the waiting list with your GP.

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    i have done well managing my anxiety but today has took me off my feet pretty badly. its just that feeling of dred… work offered nothing. i know i can get through this i have done it before just a tad harder this time round.. today i dont want to leave the house so getting a GP appointment is not going to happen. i am going to change doctors because he has the same one and its another measurement of not bumping into him.

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    Me too I’m sorry your anxiety level is so high, you are right by having called in sick, take good care of yourself today, curl up in bed, hug cushions and teddy’s, tell yourself it will be okay, maybe watch a light series when your stomach is back into his normal place. Coca cola is good for stomach aches coming from anxiety, it settles down a little the acidity through the sugar. And chamomile tea with a big spoon of honey to relax the nerves. Breathe darling and take it very easy today. sending you hugs 💕

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    Actually sounds like you had a panic attack… the hard to breathe…

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    I googled following;
    The “stress hormone” cortisol is released by the adrenal glands in response to fear or stress. Researchers have studiedTrusted Source the cortisol awakening response (CAR) and have found that cortisol is highest in the first hour of waking for people with an increased level of stress in their lives. This helps explain why you may experience an increase in anxiety in the morning.

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    omg thank you so much for your help. it all makes sense i felt very panacy it was awful i thought i was having a heart attack i have been hospitalized once before as the anxiety mimicked a heart attack and they started treating me for angina. im only mid 40s it has settled a lot i have taken my b****r blockers that i was prescribed for anxiety im only supposed to take 3 a day im up to 8. i cant understand how i am dealing with things just this anxiety and feeling of dred it really has crippled me today. i cant move off my bed i feel so lazy that is one thing im not. i really need to see the doctor but I can’t get out of the house today no way could I face work id break down i work in social care i need to be fully alert. my friend is going to get me some camomile tea today.. thank you so much

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    Well done for getting through this. You are very strong. Much stronger than you realise. We all deserve a rest day here and there. Nothing lazy about it, it’s self-care.

    Look up ‘Calming Cat Gif’ on the internet. It’s cute and can help you to slow your breathing. There are quite a few like that. Try searching cute anxiety gifs. My favourites are the octopus and the cat, but there are loads of other really nice ones. ‘Sweatpants and Coffee’ is a good site to find them on.

    I’d link them but we’re not able to send links in chat.

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    You are doing really well by listening to your body and staying in bed and getting cared for. Maybe ask for bananas too, they are good against stomach acidity & keep your sugar levels up.

    I’m pretty sure you suffered a panic attack and the descent from this over the top adrenaline shot is utterly exhausting and resting is the absolute best you can do for yourself.

    Having a panic attack can feel like having a heart attack, short of breath doesn’t even cover it, the chest pain etc. and being confused about what on earth is happening adds to the panic. Keep in mind with a heart attack you will have shooting pain running up and down your left arm, so when you do get the panic attacks, sit down somewhere safe, and assess what is happening to your left arm to be able to differ between a panic and heart attack. This knowledge will take your fright away. Also time and monitor your panic attack. This will give you a time frame and seeing an end in sight is comforting. I had them for good two hours before they finally descended into feeling utter exhaustion.

    I can tell you they do subside, it does get better. Learning to manage them will help you.
    After you get one, it is important you take yourself to bed and fully rest to help your body to calm down and recover. Treat yourself well as you do beautifully 💕

    When you are fit and fully recovered you search for a new GP and get an appointment and tell them about your anxiety and panic attacks.
    And KIP is right about the PTSD so demand an assessment for that too.
    Get support to get a well deserved long long rest, I mean from work, take a prolonged sick leave to take care of your health first and foremost. Working in the field you do work in is exhausting and it is imperative you treat your own health first.

    Sending you hugs

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    i thank you so much all your advice is so welcoming. what i experienced thismorning was a first so your right it must of been a panic attack. i felt really uneasy lastnight that feeling of dred that something was going to happen i left a light on all night which is something i never gut feeling was him turning up at my door today. im scared of how i will react i really want to physically hurt him for what hes done and the damage to my home and furniture the money he has cost me putting things right and the debt hes left me in. its going to be a lot of self control to not open the door. i am off on Monday i will change my doctor and get some proper help i feel im getting fobbed off when i do go the attitude is get a grip and get on with your life.. well HELLO im really trying but i have a burden weighing heavy in my chest. i will Google them gifs now i have managed a shower clean pjs back on the bed with Netflix

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