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      I have been feeling really down this week, haven’t been able to sleep. I hated my self thinking all the years I have been with him. I put my self into unhealthy relationship far too long. How can I let him did all that? How did I let him disrespect me even as human being?

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      Falling Skys

      Hi MP

      Hugs and I know exactly how you are feeling because I feel the same.

      I didn’t realise I knew wasn’t right but I didn’t realise it was abuse.

      We are good people that bad people took advantage of.

      I am trying to draw a line under and start a new life with zero tolerance for abuse.

      We need to stop blaming ourselves and get strong and enjoy our lives.

      We can do this.

      FS xx

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      Hi MP & FS, i sympathize with you as I feel exactly the same and have been treated exactly the same as you. As usual I was boring somebody today as I was talking about it all day and in the end the person that I was talking to about him and how I feel started to get short tempered with me and ask me if i knew how much time I have already lost on this person. As if to say i’m still losing even more time going on and on about it. A lot of the people that I have spoken to say to me that I am giving the impression that I want him back. I don’t want him back, i am sure that I don;t. They think it is easy to must move on. I would so much like to not have these thoughts which invade my mind, admittedly they have reduced a a lot since 2 months ago but still not one day passes when I don’t think about him. I still hope and keep checking that he or a relative will contact me. It is upsetting for me to see this doesn’t happen. I have taken the advice of about 6 people, all of whom have told me to keep him blocked, i blocked him 6 weeks ago from contacting my mobile or email. But i know in my heart and I tell myself that if somebody really wanted to contact you they would find a way and I don’t think I mean enough to him to do this. Like you MP & FS i gave up my heart and trust and time and self worth for somebody who promised me the world but who it seems was a deceptive liar. Two women that I spoke to today unrelated to W/Aid told me both of them had their hearts severely broken by horrible men, I think it is a fairly common thing to happen. MP, myself, you, FS and probably others are all having this mental anguish right now and it is meant to get better in time. I am thinking of you both. X*X

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