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      I’m new here and really needing some advice.
      I left my abusive partner a few days ago and I’m finding it difficult not to go back.

      He has become perfect since I left… saying and doing all the right things. But I know this is all fake, I know that if I went back he would turn horrible again. I have to keep going back to the house currently as all of my things are there.

      I’m currently arguing with myself about whether it was that bad and feel like just giving up and going back because it’s the easiest option.

      I don’t really know what else to say, I am just hoping that I can get some advice because I honestly feel stuck and like giving up.

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      You left for a reason and should listen to what your gut instincts are telling you? Maybe it would help you to tell us what kind of things he does – to write it down might help you to make the right decision? We are all behind you.

      TTMO X

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      Well done for leaving.
      I did the freedom program to help me because my what was normal was not how good relationships are.

      I had watched him do his tricks on some others and at some point had worked out it wasn’t me, it was him. That helped.

      It helped knowing he could say things to other people and they would fall for his charm and that he had no intention of keeping to what he said or that what he said was a fabrication of the truth to get what he wanted. It helped knowing that other people got sucked in.

      For me to keep my kids safe as I could was the reason I never went back.

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      Hi HUn

      Its all a act this mr nice, don t worry I gurantee u he will go bk to being mr horrible when his fed up of the act, go no contact if u can, I know its hard when kids are involved as they use the kids to try and get to us, remember why u left, speak to us instead, have u got any support in place for u

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      Falling Skys

      Hi One-day

      Well done for getting out xx try to fight the urge to return so hard to stay resolved when they are being Mr Nice Guy. It makes you doubt yourself on what they were like. Sadly I spent decades thinking he would change and that we would be happy together. They just got more extreme.

      Try and keep communication to a minimum.

      Hugs FS x

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