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      Hi everyone! 🙂

      I feel really bad for my ex, (removed by moderator)(meaning he is in prison), (removed by moderator).
      I know he won’t end up getting very long in prison even if (removed by moderator). I was doing some research on UK prisons and i just feel terrible now. He is probably going through so much, i heard its inhumane.
      i heard men get beaten up and raped there and kill themselves and its understaffed.
      I know he attacked me whilst I was pregnant and beat me up countless times but why do i feel so so sorry for him, i feel liek he isnt coping in there.
      I cant get him off my mind.
      my ex is horrid he is trying to make cases against my family now that hes inside prison, he tried doing that once i reported him and said i should drop the case so he will drop the case against my family.
      ive dropped a case against my ex before when he reported one of my family members and he continued with the case(which didnt go far), does that mean if i dropped it this time round he would have carried on with it?
      (removed by moderator), i just sometimes feel if i didnt say anything he would have got my family in trouble.

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      You’re brainwashed and programmed by his abuse and yes he would continue to abuse you and your family even if you dropped everything. Don’t be fooled. He has shown you his true colours, believe him. Abusers are all about discrediting and pointing the finger away from themselves. Divert, distract, delay. Liars and manipulators. Let the authorities deal with him. He’s not your responsibility x you’re gonna need your energy

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      I’m sooo pleased that he’s in prison.

      Don’t be upset for him. He is an abusive man. He will be manipulating his fellow prisoners just like manipulated you.

      These men have a knack of taking care of number one.

      You have nothing to feel guilty about, you did the right thing. And you don’t need to worry about him, he knows perfectly well how to trample over others to look after himself.

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      I am so glad that horrible man is in prison.

      Don’t drive yourself insane with research. Yes, prisons are understaffed but at the end of the day he is getting 3 meals a day with a roof over his head, legally entitled to clothing, showers and healthcare, and legally entitled to 30-45 mins of fresh air a day, he’ll have a tv and maybe an xbox etc if he behaves well, and most prisons have libraries and gyms. There’s a reason why some people call them holiday camps. He will be fine. He is not your responsibility.

      There is a small chance he will be raped or beaten up, whereas there was 100% chance that he would continue to abuse you. So it is safer for everyone for him to be locked away. You deserve to be free and happy.

      You are so strong for standing up to him. YOU didn’t get your family in trouble, HE DID.
      File for a restraining order for you and your family so he can’t attempt to call you or send you mail while in prison.

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