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    I recently found my ex employer had stolen some of my intellectual property without my consent. I was treated very badly in this job. I have contacted them and told them to stop and received a long email saying I was basically being unreasonable and denying it was my work entirely and attributing a degree of blame to me
    On checking:
    They had sneakily removed some of the republished matter.
    I just sent them a really stinking email.
    Then my Mum said to me ‘ You should careful they don’t sue you’.
    I am sitting here thinking ‘how was this my fault?’ and feeling anxious in case she is right. Is Mum’s attitude why I have always bottled things up?
    I just remember her saying ‘you will just have to put up with it I am afraid.’
    Feeling vulnerable and disallowed from being assertive.
    My ex employers ill treatment of me was similar to the toxic abuse I had in my marriage… they would deny me my point of view, deliberately exclude me from meetings, make me do extra work because they could as I was desperate, control me and I even suffered abusive attacks( once someone literally physically attacked me) which were attributed to me not being non compliant with a demand.
    I felt like a slave.
    I was ok until this cropped up.
    Now I know I will get flashbacks and bad dreams.
    I am not even an unassertive person.

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    Anyone wishing to use your work should seek permission to do so.

    I would suggest to not take matters into your own hands when someone – person or company – is being manipulative, deceptive and controlling, they respond only to those with higher authority than themselves, i. e. the Law.
    See if your work was protected and if so, seek legal advice.

    Check here for more infos about your rights in case of copyrights infringement, how to proceed and where to seek support.

    Here the direct link

    And in case the direct link gets removed go to
    Copyrightservice co uk
    Select on the menu left ‘copyright infringement’

    Good luck & hope your nightmares go away. Stay strong

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    Your mums comments I think have triggered your insecurities brought on by abuse. You were doing great standing up for yourself before her comments. What does she know? Is she a lawyer? If you’re worried then I’d suggest you speak to citizens advice. They were fantastic and have a wealth of knowledge and could probably put you in touch with an organisation that can help you with your rights as an employee and the data protection laws etc. Perhaps you should be suing them. Take the power back. Go and speak to someone who really knows what’s going on and don’t stop until it all makes sense in your own head. Not your mums x

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