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      There was a story on the news just now, a lady had been severely injured by a machete wielding maniac who was trying to attack school children where she worked, she was trying to protect the children and was injured in the attack. I thought it was interesting that he said that she forgives the man who injured her. She said that she had to forgive him to enable her to move on. If she did not forgive him she would remain bitter and twisted for many years. I have heard this before, people in the news like Nelson Mandela and Terry Waite who underwent torture, forgave their attackers, they were were able to free mental chains due to this. I have also seen in the news before mothers of murdered teenagers, forgiving their killers for the same reason.

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      Yes you are right (detail removeded by moderator). I remember in the past i have been so wronged and hurt, but what I found was that all I was holding inside of me was hate and that it was eating away at me. I tried to forgive and for a small glimpse of time, i saw the hate lessen and peace replace it. X

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      I’m not sure i’m fully there yet, i’m holding onto nothingness, an apology would help me so much. I might read up some more on forgiveness, the Dalai Lama talks about this as well.

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      Dont know how you feel about Adelle, but I love this song and it reflects forgiveness so well.

      Hope this link works and that you enjoy it:)


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      Abusers never apologize.
      There is someone whom I will hate for the rest of my life. He has raped me and he did other things to me. I will never forgive him, never, even if the hell freezes I will not forgive him.

      I still do not know how I feel about the ex husband. Whether I hate him or whether I am indifferent. That story is a grey matter in my brain. Years to come will tell or not.

      I forgave my mother for not protecting me when my father beat me brutally from age one until I was an adult and joining in. I forgave my mother for calling me horrible names I never deserved, trying to prevent me from going to school and trying to marry me off when I was 17.
      I forgave my father for all the physical, mental and financial abuse.
      They also looked after my health, gave me the most beautiful clothes and educated me about things I would never know otherwise. They gave me life. They did wrong in many ways but they also did good in many ways. I forgave them some years back. They never apologized and do not understand where they went wrong.

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      I am just trying manage my internal ongoing feeling that there is something not quite right due to my last relationship & because of this I am not living my life as freely & happily as I should be. I am sorry for all of you other ladies who have suffered so dreadfully. I remember times in the past I have been deeply eaten up with hurt at being wronged. I did not know what to do with the strong feelings of pain that I felt,I turned into a bully I think it gave me some release. Once I tried to forgive & understand the person, I felt lighter & happier.

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      Thank you for the Adele song womaninneed I will listen to it tonight x*x

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      Thank you (detail removed by moderator). I’m going to do some reading up on forgiveness, i just want to find a way to achieve peace thats all. I suppose time is a healer too. It is nice that you had a relationship with your ex’s mum and were able to talk, none of his family spoke to me. X

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