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      I have had a really bad few days and have come to the realization that he has his friends spying on me and prowling my home. For the past few months, my children and I, have seen somebody prowling behind my back gate at times, looking through a hole. I even told the police at one point as they were in the neighbourhood and I thought perhaps they were looking for somebody who may have been trying to hide in my garden. I have seen shadows at night outside my bedroom window and thought I could see somebody trying to peer in, through the slight opening of my curtains. I knew it wasn’t my ex, as the silhouette was not his shape or size. I was too scared at the time to look out and suspected it was another man who was becoming obsessive in trying to court me. I didn’t want to really deal with the situation so put it down to perhaps my imagination, tiredness or paranoia.

      I had an appointment relating to our child’s education recently and as we were walking to the appointment, we saw one of his work colleagues hiding round the corner and peering at us. When he knew my child had noticed him, he walked straight past us and looked right through us without acknowledging us when we knew him for many years. I know this particular work colleague has no friends in the area and lives a few miles away and has no reason to be walking in my road.

      I have absolutely nothing to hide but am so angry and upset that my ex will go to such lengths to try to pin something on me, to catch me out in some way. He is evil and psychopathic beyond measure. He is so scheming that if I report it to the police, they will probably say that his work colleague is entitled to walk in any road he chooses and unless I actually catch him prowling outside my home there is nothing they can do. As it is now, I feel unsafe in my home and I am jumping at every noise outside.

      I would love to move hundreds of miles away to my home town, where I have many old friends and relatives who may help and support me, but I can’t as my children have grown up in my present domain and are settled here. I would not want to disrupt their education at such a crucial time in their lives and take them away from their friends and all they know. I just feel like I am sacrificing any chance of happiness myself, for our children’s wellbeing. He is winning at his game to try and destroy me body and soul.

      I suspect he is trying to catch me out with another man, as I sometimes walk home with a male work colleague who is in a relationship with somebody else. One time, this same person who was spying on us, saw us together walking home. My ex has accused me before of seeing other men to our children. He even accused the man who helped us move into my home and was very kind to us of being my f**k buddy to them. I was so shocked that my children called him that and knew they had heard it from him. I have never even bothered with another man since leaving as he made it impossible for me to trust again.

      Sorry, I am just so upset and sorry for rambling, I am probably not making much sense and my punctuation and spelling is all over the place. I have been awake all night the past few days and full of despair. I may try to get some sleep as I have a day off. I just felt I needed to offload somewhere in order to feel any kind of peace and finally get some sleep. Perhaps sleep will make me stronger and more able to think what to do and how to cope.

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      Hi Hun

      Call the helpline number on here they will advise you what you can do and who can help you to be safe in your home .
      Big hugs x*x

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      When you see them step out and take openly pictures of them. They might never come back. And you can send the pictures to the police. The council can install CCTV on your property. Ask them to do this.

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      Hi Hun

      Yes see if u can have camera installed , think if council take there time u can buy from maplin

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