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      Falling Skys

      Dear Ladies

      I just want to share the good news with you, he’s gone 🙂 It’s taken much longer than I expected but freedom day came yesterday.

      Though he shouldn’t haven’t taken anything he did (including the plug for the kitchen sink), but all I can replace over time.

      I wasn’t going to do anything last night apart from getting the locks changed, but I did move things about in the lounge that he used as I could still see him in my minds eye sitting in the corner watching me.

      My brother and wife pop in to see me with a gift of a paint roller as I have a lot to do. Its been years since I have had anyone round.

      But with out him here it doesn’t look as bad. Though it needs a good clean its not filthy, it must have been the negativity of the situation making it look so bad.

      I went to bed early and slept, (I didn’t even use my door brace)

      Love and thanks to you all, I don’t think I could have done it without you.

      FS xx

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      Huge congratulations to you FS! 💖

      The road won’t always be easy but at least he’s now on the sidelines rather than blocking your path.

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      I am so pleased for you! How exciting to be making your house yours again. And taking the plug from the sink? Unbelievably petty, although I guess it will remind you of what an irredeemable (insert favourite swearword here) he was. As an interim measure it is generally possible to use a milk bottle lid as a sink plug. They leak a bit, but that doesn’t matter much in a sink. Good luck with the paint and the rearranging!

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        Falling Skys

        Thank enm

        At least when yhongs are hard it wont be because of his doing xx

        I hope i never have to see him again.

        FS x

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      Hey Hun

      Congratualtions am so happy for u x*x

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      Congratulations to you onwards and upwards as they say xx

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      lover of no contact

      Falling Skys,

      Well done to you for surviving living with such toxicity until you could get him out of the house. Enjoy the peace and serenity. Enjoy doing what you want, when you want, wherever you want. You choose now. You have the Power and the Control now. Celebrate this weekend!

      Great you don’t have to look at that hostile face staring at you as he sat on his behind, giving orders and probably not doing much as they do.

      Peace, freedom…pure bliss.

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      Well done for holding your ground. I know it was hard. Just take some time to breathe and look after your mental health. A couple weeks after my ex was arrested I was hit with PTSD. I think we are in survivor mode for so long, running on adrenaline. When they go our minds try to make sense of the abuse. Enjoy your freedom x

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      Congratulations onwards and upwards now

      I will rise a glass to you

      Girl power x

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      Falling Skys

      Thanks ladies for your positive comments.

      I did notice yesterday that i became jumpy with noises. But that will pass. Just very tired.

      FS x

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      I’m So pleased for you! Enjoy the peace and calm.

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      Take care of yourself as you begin the healing process.

      Hugs x

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      Congratulations on achieving this. Enjoy your freedom. So happy to read this good news.


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      Falling Skys

      Many thanks ladies xx just hit me yesterday that i don’t need to be on hypa alert anymore. I could feel every bone muscle and part of my body relax.

      Fs xx

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      So very pleased for you, what a wonderful feeling it must be. I know exactly what you mean about the house and the negativity affecting how you view it. Enjoy making it yours again! x

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      Aww congratulations,im still trying to get mine out, how did you.manage to get him out? Xx

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        Falling Skys

        HI She Ra

        I have been busy cleaning and getting quotes for work i can’t do. I have a little put by but not much. Yesterday i started filling holes and sanding down ready to paint a bedroom.

        All things i was made to feel useless about.

        So its a real road to self discovery.

        FS x

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      Falling Skys

      Hi CA

      It took me a few years to get him out. In the end i bought him out. Though at first he refused. So in the end i said that either he bought me out or i bought him out or i would take him to court.

      Hope that helps. Just stay strong and you will get there in the end.

      FS x

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      Yay! Fantastic!
      May he go to hell and never return from there!

      Now you can make your house a home!

      Many congratulations on your Freedom!!!

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      Falling Skys

      Thanks Ayanna

      So nice to come home to peace, I spent Sunday filling holes in a walk the satisfaction of doing it. lol not as unless as I was made to feel.

      There is lots to be done, but I will do what I can no rush.

      FS xx

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      White Rose

      Lovely news!
      Enjoy getting splattered in paint as you freshen your home!
      Keep in touch on here and don’t worry if you feel more stressed and anxious as the initial excitement of the enormity of what you’ve achieved hits – it seems to happen quite often as KIP mentioned too. Be kind to yourself don’t overdo things and continue to sleep well x*x

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      Belated congratulations Falling Skys!

      It’s really good to hear you’re free at last!

      All the best,

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      Falling Skys

      Thank you AN x had a little wobble but loving it.

      It lovely after a hard day at work being able to come home and relax .

      FS xx

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