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    There is a heritage regarding women that we don’t know much about since alot of that history has been snuffed out or just not taught and talked about. Patriarchal societies took over and women became slaves and prisoners of one kind or another.

    Women are multi-faceted and I think we all do know that on some level. Men are usually single-minded and they need to be. They need to protect and hunt and be what is needed in order to provide and guard the family unit. Women do that “too” and they raise the children, and they look after the home front and everyone’s needs in the process and has to find the time to look after herself. I’d call that – multi-faceted. But we are built for that. We are.

    But what that doesn’t mean is that – we need to be slaves or prisoners of any sort at any time. Without us, this planet would cease to know us as a species. And we need to really get ahold of that one because the furtherance of this species depends on us and that doesn’t mean while we are in a servant or prisoner position.

    When you look at all the violence that is seen by us as a whole but definitely by our men and our children, it’s horrific. The fear, the violence, the sex, the crime. When you look at the music industry, same thing. Movies and what’s online, in social media – we are slimed with everything that will actually destroy us from the inside out. It is corrosive.

    We have genetic markers in our DNA that gets switched on, switched off and I think it’s important to note that when we really want to do something – it would seem that certain markers get switched on that otherwise might lay dormant. We’ve been here before on this planet and maybe we need to rise up and see our own importance as women.

    It might be fun research for you to do at this time of lockdown, which might just be a “wake up call” for us actually and not a bad thing……….and just look at what can be found out regarding matriarchal societies and females who did amazing things. I’ll start you off here but please do your own research!

    Mosuo women of Tibet. Onna-bugeisha – women Samurais. Of course the Egyptian women rulers that are talked about towards the end of the youtube series The Pyramid Code. The healing center they had using vibration, sound, etc. was very awesome. If you have never seen the movie Miss Potter – watch it and read about her life. Amazing woman. Then study up on hyenas, they got it all going on let me tell you – the sisterhood! Look up – The Baboon Troop that Mellowed Out After the Alpha Males Died. That one is interesting! And of course my fav matriarchal society – Elephants. If you have never read Dune – the Bene Gessurits are fascinating. BriBri tribe in Costa Rica, Umoja tribe in Kenya, Minangkabau society in Indonesia, Khasi tribe in India.

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    In my long life I have never met a men who I admire.

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    You know what, I understand that…..I have had the same problem. Meeting them personally, not so much, but I have talked to them like this and otherwise. We are sprinkled around the planet and down through history. Problem is who we are as women has been soo taken apart and crippled so that we are in deep jealousy and competition with one another, etc. That’s us living on fumes, it really is.

    I’ve had so many problems with women in my time and when I look at their individual lives it’s just so very sad. No real self esteem going on, horrible men in their lives, fathers, etc. They just see me or any other female as someone to put down and compete with and it’s so very sad to me because we don’t have to be – that, at all….and it goes against all we could be or should be for our own good.

    My stepmother who raised me under the influence and command of my abusive father was horrible to me, so was my birth mother who I met later. I have had bad situations with women all my life but I still love women. I really do because I See what has happened to us and that’s the reason why I am on this site and why I just wrote this.

    But what I am truly saying here and getting at is – we don’t have to stay like this. We have enormous power but if we don’t know it’s there and if we do, we don’t use it……then we continue to stay underfoot.

    Mankind doesn’t know what it needs. It doesn’t. I do. It needs real women. And just like in ancient Egypt they co-ruled with men. It wasn’t oh the women have it all over the men, not at all. And the men saw what women could do and were good at and for that time – they did it and guess what? There was peace and wellbeing and health going on. They each respected what the gifts of the other one was.

    I’m not a man hater at all, in fact I Love men, real men. Anytime I see one of those, they are loved and supported by me that’s for sure. And I have seen a few. I have.

    But women have been torn to bits during my lifetime from what I have seen. And that’s global, big time. We think we have it bad?? Oh no. Much worse around the world. But it doesn’t work. It really doesn’t. It’s an implosion from the inside out waiting to happen. Total destruction of our species at some point.

    I just want individual women to really understand that inside them – is an age old power, a knowing, a strength that just needs to be turned on. I look at what happened to people when they heard Susan Boyle sing for the first time and now that is power……..that is Inspiration and it spanned the globe. Each one of us has that ability. I have no idea what my one tiny pebble might do in someone’s life and then who that life might affect. But in the pebble goes anyways! Plop!! And the little ripples go out and out and out.

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    Sorry I misread that. I thought you said you never met a woman you admired. But just read my comment with that one in mind.

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    I am reading a book by Sara Sheridan, where are the women? It looks at how Scotland would have been viewed if the statues and plaques that abound were to commemorate women and their deeds. How the younger generation would see it’s normal for women to have discovered, developed,been great artists,designers, architects,writers etc.. without visual role models, how are we to teach oor girls that toy can reach for the star.
    IWMB 💞💞

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    Ah yes and you know – we’ve always been here doing the most impossible things with everything against us. It’s everywhere you look, on any continent. But there’s been a thumb on us, a hammer down. The only thing I know about that one very deeply from personal experience is – wherever I see that afoot…….I see Fear and wherever that kind of fear and oppression is afoot I see someone being afraid of – Real power. And not talking of course about power from the end of the sword and money so they can go buy things. Of course not. I’m talking about life giving, life sustaining power. That’s what women do very naturally when they are treated well, respected and valued for their own abilities and treated equally because they are. Look up – history extra 100-women.

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    And we must know that the most regal, the most powerful, effective and important women among us – will never have a face plastered on a billboard or go down in history as great even though they should… the same with many men who are that as well. But those lives, those precious lives have touched many who have gone on to do great things. It doesn’t matter if it was generations later or if someone came across a story or something they wrote or something in their genetics went Pop! It happened because great people existed. Greatness isn’t about everyone knowing and applauding……it is that quiet thing, that monumental thing that keeps vibrant life going on here and touching people sparking them to be extraordinary beings. It needs no applause and wouldn’t seek it out. It is the utmost in grace, the utmost in bravery, courage, fortitude, character and everything that makes us stand to attention and inspires us. Inspiration in my opinion is actually the greatest force on the planet.

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    Very interesting topic!! I grew up in a matriarchal family, where women were stronger than our men, to my child eyes anyways. Men in my family weren’t strong macho types, they were strong yes but kind, loyal, hard working and full of humour. The women held the real power, pulling the family life forward. My grand-ma, grand ants, ants, cousins, all were married to kind men and when they found out some of them were lazy and disrespectful they divorced them. Somehow the women held the power right at the beginning of their marriage, throughout and if it ended, came out with their power intact and closer to their siblings and family. They held tight together through thick and thin.
    I grew up believing men could provide pleasant companionship but are none essential to live a full filling life. I grew up believing women were the stronger gender. No-one thought me that, these were the conclusions of my own observations as a child. The actions, the show of strength by the women in my family confirmed my beliefs. I must say the men in my family, my own father are incredibly kind.
    I see strength in women and goodness in men.

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    I find your phrase very powerful
    “Inspiration in my opinion is actually the greatest force on the planet.”
    My grand-ma is my greatest inspiration and gives me strength and life

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    HopeLifeJoy – I love it!!! Men have so much to add just like Women do but I agree – when women are the matriarchs then things run along more smoothly and it’s born out in the ones you can study. And men that are good kind men like you are talking about don’t mind at all. They do their thing, the women do theirs. When you really look at things – men have been fragmented in their worlds as well. When I really sit and talk to men that aren’t total predators, it’s interesting to find out about their lives. Most don’t have strong father figures at all. It’s the women and then when the women are all fragmented then who raises them? Their friends, gangs, whatever is on TV, online and music, video games, etc. They do get raised but by what?

    I mean women can hold it together pretty well but they can’t take the place of a loving, kind, good father. There will still be a void there. And regardless of what a good mum you are, you can’t fill that and you certainly don’t want to fill it with a bad father figure. But such is life on this planet.

    It’s just everything is so push-button and everyone is looking for a quick release or quick fix and what is really true and good and healthy – isn’t like that. What glitters is usually not gold. We are very used to that these days. No one knows how to be patient with others or themselves. How to do things slowly, learning through trial and error. I see that in kids, they are sooo impatient! One little thing goes wrong and they b**w a fuse. Then they just quit doing whatever they were trying to do.

    In our own little worlds we have to at least try to help them and ourselves out of that one. Because there is great reward in doing something a step at a time, doing it well done while you are doing it and so what if you make a mistake? If you didn’t, you’d never learn anything. Tons of mistakes make up a success. Anyone successful know that one. But key here is – there is enjoyment and satisfaction in the “doing of it”. And it bonds people closer together. Like re-finishing a piece of furniture together, growing a garden, working on a car, painting the shed out back alot of crazy colors. It is about the doing of it and the togetherness. Everyone in the family is in their own little world these days, bubbles within a big bubble and doing it badly.

    We’ve forgotten how to really be together and do things together as a team and in our fast paced world it’s something we need to turn around and go back and get because it would be very sad to throw that one away. Will cause our collapse one day. I watch the movie “Idiocracy” and go Oh dear me……..that’s US now!!! Scaryyyy….

    Oh and talking about the women in your family, you have go to go read up on the Baboon story!!! LOL!

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