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      I’m so exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically! I can’t believe how well I did I have been dreading this for weeks just the thought of being around that many people, having to put a fake smile on my face, anybody asking me something that might upset me or asking where my husband was. I didn’t get upset, I didn’t get low at any point I did after everyone went it was just me family and I broke down! I’ve got a countdown until the wedding is over and I know I don’t have to be this brave anymore! It’s so much pressure! I can cope around 30 people I’m sure I can cope around hundreds of people! I am such a beautiful person inside and out and this is all his loss! It’s his loss that he isn’t a part of all of this and I know that after the wedding when it’s all out and open with all my sisters in laws everyone will look at me and say she’s the bigger and better person and she deserves better! I’ve kept my head up so high and been so dignified throughout this and it shows my character! Sometimes I feel like herring revenge other times I want to go completely off the rails but standing and facing every single person in my community shows the strength that I have! He thought his stupid friends would be able to tarnish my name and they would ruin my reputation for me (as you all know these people make you look like the crazy one so they can continue their reception to the world) but I’m too strong in character his goal could never be accomplished! The truth is the truth! I NEED something fun and happy for myself tomorrow otherwise I’m going to get depressed a our it all someone please give me suggestions! Weekends are depressing as it is!

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      Well done. When we push ourselves there’s always a price to pay mentally and emotionally. I think a pamper day is what’s needed. If you can manage to get out for some fresh air. iPod in ear with upbeat music. Later.. Bubble bath, moisturise, hair, face, foot rubs are great, nails. All this you can do yourself. then find a favourite funny movie and put your feet up. Keep hydrated. Lots of water x

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      Great you did it PaLa! Luv this and your right …you are still you …lovely inside & out..!
      Keep focussed on the positive atm go with this upbeat feeling to put something new & great into your life!
      Plan a trip out…? Cinema, pamper…something you enjoy just for you! So deserve it!

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      Btw I’ve just switched on The Jacksons @ Glastonbury…that’s a great way to feel a positive vibe! Upbeat & fun…
      Happy smiling upbeat music with soul yay!
      …dancing around the kitchen! Happy Sunday ladies x 🌼

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      Thank you both! That’s really helpful I’m definitely doing that 😊. I cried myself to sleep woke up half way through the night feeling horrid but I picked myself up and I’ve contacted a voluntary organisation that gives aid relief abroad and in the UK! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and I’m so excited! These are my dreams, my ambitions, my goals and I’m going to go out and do them! Also, I pass my probationary period this week, I have put some more money into my savings after being paid and I’ll experience my first proper month end! My friend has also stopped fasting so I can see and spend more time with her and my best mate has just moved to London so you know that I’ll be going there a lot for weekend breaks! I’ve also found a group that visit the countryside and do activities there. I’m going to join them later today and my boss has given me my first specialist case to deal with. How am I managing to do all of this when I feel so low???? X

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      Ladies have I really just done this? I didn’t show myself up in any way of cause an atmosphere. I have so much love for you all and I’ve not even met you! You’re amazing! So I sliding, encouraging and loving! I have no energy at the moment for anything cleated up a bit it’s time to sleep for a bit before I decide what to do. I’m becoming so empowered in who I am and where I am that once I’ve dealt with this emotionally I’ll be unstoppable! My counselling letter came through yesterday only seen it today so I’m going to book time off work tomorrow for it. I honestly would not have been able to get through yesterday if it wasn’t for all of you supporting me and helping me! Yes my family don’t understand and my friends don’t either and they do all try and support me in other ways but you really do understand how I feel and it helps soooo much! One big event done just the lead up to the wedding and the wedding and this is all over and I’ll be able to start piecing my life together again. Girl power rules any day and I’m going to give myself the life I deserve – the life he could never give to me! I want to completely fall in love with myself and my life all over again! That’s another goal haha x*x thanks again happy Sunday 😊 another day, another week, another weekend we have got through this! X

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      lover of no contact

      Well done PAla, you are back in control of you and your life. You are seizing the Power. He is the loser inside and out. And you are beautiful inside and out.

      Celebrate today as you pamper yourself your great achievement this weekend.

      Girl Power is right!!

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      Thank you. I walked into work this week with the up,let confidence! It just came after the weekend. I am honestly so amazing I’m quite in awe of myself. I’m reconnecting with old friends making plans to see them and go away in a few weeks. I am working so so hard at work too my boss can see it and it’s giving me a good reputation at work. He hasn’t won I’m the winner! I’m starting to feel beautiful again. I looked amazing at the engagement and I’m buying some beautiful expensive jewellery for the wedding. It’s Wednesday tomorrow and I’m mid week. I also have a facial booked for Saturday I can’t wait. I’m planning to go shopping over the weekend for casual clothes. I no longer wear cheap clothes I deserve the best. I feel so much more positive and less emotionally drained after the courage I had over the weekend that I’m hoping this weekend I’m not exhausted. I also plan to cook I’ve been food shopping and I’ve planned my meals for the weekend. When did I become so amazing? X*x

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