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      It was amazing! I felt so nervous at first but everybody was so nice. As time went on, I started to come out of shell a lot more and engaged quite actively in the group.

      At the end, atleast 3 ladies had a chat with me and was very pleased to have met me. I felt so happy – I can’t remember the last time I was this happy. I was buzzing when I cams home. My mum was so glad to see me so happy.

      Before the event, I was even contemplating whether I should go or not and I was nearly about to not go because I was so nervous but I convinced myself (thankfully) to just try it and if I don’t like it, noone can force me to stay. Im very glad I went. This is another thing that’s quite new to me because when I was with him, whatever he said goes so I was forced to do anything he suggested otherwise he’d get angry -I could never say no.

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Whid

      So pleased you went and have fun. It’s not easy to get back into socialising. Here’s to you finding out who you are.

      FS xx

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        Thanks FallingSkys, it was definitely not easy. I wasn’t going to go at first but when I was there, I sensed that I was not the only one who was nervous so I didn’t feel as lonely.

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      Well done I’m at a women’s all day football tournament. It’s great bonding with other women.

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        That’s great that you’re playing football! I was thinking I would join some sort of sports group in future as I used to play Netball – but I don’t think Im ready four that just yet. Sports is great as it can relieve stress and you meet new people just as you’ve done.

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      Glad to hear what you achieved. I don’t have any courage to do it yet. I wanted to socialise and get involved in new activity and new people but I haven’t have enough confidence to do it. I am truly happy for you.


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        Thanks so much Million pieces. You’ll get there one day in your own time. I honestly sas about to not go bevause i was so unsure of mysekd and worrying so much about what people think of me and if i would stand out too much …etc. I literally forced myself to go because I knew if I didn’t, I don’t think I ever would.

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      I am so glad.

      Being with normal people is like balm to the soul! X

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      My football group are lovely. I met them after I moved to a new area after the refuge and b and b. they really help me settle into this area. They all had these massive careers and now they put that drive into being yummy mummies. They are really genuine though and not any fakeness at all. would have to be to be happy to get sweaty and muddy and removal of earrings while playingfootie!

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      I was looking at meet and saw that there is a solos holiday meet up group, the holidays look really great. When I was married i thought my life & confidence was wrapped up in my marriage , that I had no life without it. There is a great life out there for the single woman, it’s not essential to have a man just to give you a great social life as I used to believe. I am thinking about my Christmas & new year, there will be at least one great party where I get dolled up & lots of other fun things too. These are all via the social groups that I have joined, mainly meet up. Com, hiking & other groups. I am a shy person & go alone never knowing anybody at first.😀

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      Hi whid

      Glad you enjoyed the group i was once at a weightloss group and it was like a small community of women who met and chatted weekly. It really does make all the difference to you. Heres to many more of your social group 🙂

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      I don’t know where I would be without Meetup groups, DV support and this forum.
      All I can say whathaveidone is pushing yourself to go is the best thing you can do for yourself. Especially if you go through a bad day or week and don’t feel up to it even once you know people there. I have gone feeling down and like hibernating and come away feeling so good and like my true self.

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