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      I went to my gp yesterday, not the one I usually see, but wanted to talk about how the antidepressants are affecting me this time. I waited 40 minutes, it was very busy and during that time I was trying to get together what I wanted to say and found it really difficult. That’s one of the things. I really feel I can’t think properly and my head is so muzzy. And i feel so lethargic. The gp wasn’t really sure what I was trying to say for a while and then we decided I’d just try another 2 weeks. She started to say what my options were and as soon as I said I was wary of just changing to another antidepressant, that seemed to be the end of the options! They have done something good as I feel calmer,and a bit more positive, but I feel I’m giving a lot up to achieve that. Wish I’d not jumped back on them. I have an interview next week and I don’t want to feel like this. Maybe I don’t need them, but need other things to help me be calm and positive. I won’t just stop taking them, but in some ways they’re adding to problems rather than helping. I know lots of you have experience of this. I am asking too much?


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      Eve, it’s a fine balance. I stopped taking mine altogether as they made it easier for him to abuse me when we were together. Sometimes we rush to medicate when we just need time to heal. We want to recover too quickly and our body and minds need time to sort themselves out. I got to the stage where I would rather feel panic shock fear or pain, rather than nothing at all x Do what feels right to you. I found talking was the best therapy ever. If you can find a good listener who has been through what you’ve been through and is sympathetic, it was way better than any drug I ever took x

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      Thanks for your reply, KIP,

      I’m quite a few years out and this medication helped me in those first couple of years, definitely. Then at the end of last year I was surprised at how badly I was affected by my horrible boss. She reminded me of my dad and I felt afraid. Then Christmas want great and I was a mess and didn’t know what to do. At least now I realise I need to carry on helping myself and just because I’ve left him and it’s several years on, different mean i am or have to be fine. I’ve started some counseling again. It’s s bit early days but I think it’s helping. I be always tended to be the listener to friends. I don’t really know anyone who’s ben through this. Knowing I can come on here is a huge help.


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      Yep. I also have the experience that the GP is good for nothing. I wonder how they get their degrees. I refused to take drugs. It upsets me so much that the treatment strategy for abused women is always drugs. As if a drug addiction is the solution. That is because we are women. Women are always treated as inferior. We can also see that by how women with female only illnesses are treated. They try to castrate us in no time, without being given proper information about the long term consequences.

      When we suffer abuse we are being ignored at first and when we cannot cope anymore we are being more victimized by the patriarchal system and hooked on drugs in order to tolerate the abuse better.
      I refused to play their game. That’s why I am being refused counseling. They wanted to turn me into a druggy and then give me a lililala therapy that would not even address the rapes and injuries and awful abuse that I went through. They wanted to make it easy for themselves and I refused to play their abusive game.
      I am still too broken from all I had to go through to look for a lawyer. But it is my plan to sue them.
      I think legal action is the only way forward to raise awareness how terrible many abused women are being treated by the health system.

      I am glad you got counseling. A long therapy will get you out of this eventually. Therapy is the only way to overcome what we have been through.

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      Hi Hun

      If u get nervous about what u want ot say how about pre write it down and take with u , i know this has helped me in the past with my cousellor, i used to get there and think i dont know what i want to say or talk about

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      Ayanna, I really admire your strength in dealing what had happened to you and your forthrightness helps me also. I know you Feel strongly about how drugs are given out, and they don’t really deal with what’s happened to us. I’ve always dealt with feeling low by doing something physical but now I don’t have the energy. If I feel like this in 2 weeks I think I’ll give myself a time limit for coming off them. Then at least there’s some kind of structure. We are treated as inferior, it’s true. My mum knows this, she is intelligent, but also she believes that it’s the way it is, there’s nothing to be done about it. I DON’T believe this!
      It’s terrible that you can’t get the help you need. I hope when you’re strong enough you can fight your legal case. My counselling is not specifically dv, but she does seem to have a good grasp of it. I have have to pay, but not the full amount, so I’m always wondering if i can really afford it, even though I know it’s important to me.

      Confused, I did think I will make a note of what I want to say for next time. Good idea.


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      mixed-up mum

      HI – is it possible when you go back to your GP to request the one you like best, the one you find easiest to talk to?

      Maybe this is not the right kind for you?

      Maybe talking with a counsellor would help more than medication? Or both together??

      Ive never asked for, or been offered counselling – so I don’t know if it IS they best way forward. Im not really all that good at talking – Im a listener – and I just don’t know if I could open up to a counsellor.

      Take care.


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