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      After many years of manipulation and control i finally reached out to my GP for help, i told them the situation and how im feeling but he then mentioned social services because i have kids, i want to be able to speak to someone and feel like i would really benefit from counselling because i have completely lost who i am but now im terrified that i might lose my kids, have any of you ladies had any involvement from social services? Due to being in an abusive relationship? Hes not physically abusive its all mind games

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      Hi Brokensoul, well done for reaching out to your GP. From what you say I’m surprised he mentioned social services. My GP didn’t when I talked about abuse, she just referred me to domestic abuse support organisations. I very much doubt you’re at risk of losing your kids.

      My guess is that the GP doesn’t really know what he’s talking about but means well. I would advise you speak to people who do know what they’re talking about. Call the National Domestic Abuse helpline for advice (their line is 24 hours). They can also put you in touch with your local women’s aid. You can also live chat women’s aid for advice. Sending love xxxx

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      Wants To Help

      I am aware of a few ladies who have confided in their GP’s, which in turn has been reported to Children’s Services, which in turn has gone to the MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub) which in turn has been reported to the police. The police have then gone and arrested the suspect based on a third party referral.

      In these cases the abuse that the lady has reported to the GP has been very serious and involved violence to her and/or the children when they have witnessed the violence or been hurt themselves whilst trying to protect their mother. This breach of confidentiality is allowed in order to safeguard the children.

      In these cases, the children have not been removed from their mum. The authorities have acted in the best interests to protect the children and the lady based on what they have been told, which is the right thing to do. The agencies then try their best to engage with the lady, obtain evidence from her, speak to the children’s school, and do their best to keep them all safe.

      Often, without third party intervention, nothing will get better. However, I also have reservations on this process as I do think there are times when a lady will try and seek help in confidence, it then backfires on her and she’ll never seek help again. Sometimes there is a fine line between interference and intervention, but when children are involved that cannot speak up for themselves the authorities will always go for intervention.

      As long as you show you are willing to do whatever it takes to protect your children from your abuser they will not be taken from you. If Children’s Services contact you please engage with them and do not cover up for him.

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