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      After the incident (detail removed by Moderator) (he neglected to give my youngest medical attention, lied to me about how she was, told her it was all in her head and then pushed my eldest to the ground numerous times)..and then to add to it all, he send my youngest home with a dislocated elbow and told her it was all her head… I contacted the social services and the police… I was so angry that he’d thought it was amusing to push my child and to lie to me about how my other one was when I specifically asked him to let me know… so now I’ve had to take my youngest to hospital twice in one week… which I know looks bad but she was in his care and he neglected to care for her.. calling the police about it all will also mean that social services will contact the children’s school and inevitably investigate me… they investigated me whilst I was with him and he assaulted me.. he convinced them I was mad and had made it all up, and that I was a risk to my kids, that I was crazy etc… we’ve been apart years now and I’ve had no dealings with these authorities since, my kids abs I have mostly been happy but now I’m scared he’s going to do to them what he’s done to me… I want to protect them- but the ss always side with him. I feel like I’m opening up a whole can of worms when maybe it really wasn’t needed.
      I’ve been scared he would make false allegations to ss about me in the past and I constantly trip over myself to put my children first in everything ALWAY. I know the ss only need the smallest excuse to come storming in and try to take them away from me and now I’ve given it to them

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      Try not to jump ahead of yourself, years of being with an abuser always leaves us feeling like we are two steps behind but you just need to read the first part of your post to understand you’re absolutely doing the right thing. Try to stick to the facts if you can and don’t get personal. The facts are your child was hurt in his care and he neglected to get her the help she needed. It was a serious injury. Your children are telling you how distressed they are and you have previously reported his abusive behaviour. You have real serious concerns for their well-being both physically and mentally. You have nothing to hide here. You absolutely did the right thing in safeguarding your children and that’s what the authorities expect you to do. The truth always comes out eventually and if you’re not happy with a social worker then ask for one who has experience and training in domestic abuse x being abused affects our mental health badly so his allegations just corroborate what you’re saying about him being abusive x

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