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      So my eldest has gone bk to stealing and sold my youngest ps4, I’m so distrAught, had it confirmed at shop he sold it , they said if he rtns with receipt and cash I can have bk, has thrown receipt and paid someone cash he says owed. No proof of where money has Gone, I can only take his phone and sell behind his bk as refuses to give , has said will get cash to me by weekend. I know deep
      Down this lie , he said if by weekend haven’t got sell my phone . I could report to police but no guarantee I get PS4 bk unless I can fi d proof of purchase . Do I give my son criminal record and still not may be get PS4 bk or sell phone and wait for massive fight …. I’m just so lost , I can’t get it right been a tough patent cause reality is I’m too scared myself, feel like a c**p parent with no solution . Said to him last night u never learn like your dad till police get involved, only his worker even if police get involved still doesn’t stop … What do u do , a very desperate mum in need of advice

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      Hi Hun
      Sorry you are going through this
      I think children who have witnessed abuse and have been abused have a rough time
      It has hurt my relationship with my grown up
      I don’t think you should get police as a record messes up his future job prospects
      He should have to pay his brother back the value of the gaming console and things need to be locked away from him and you could take his house key away as a consequence
      I would put locks on my bedroom door and other sons room so he has no access to take property and then put any thing valuable away so it can’t happen again
      Nothing can be left hanging around . And if he is unhappy about it you can say yes you are too but that is what needs to happen from now on as it is not okay to steal .
      Love and hugs xx

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      mixed-up mum

      Oh dear you are having such a hard time – teenagers are hard to handle – there are no easy answers – you kind just have to ‘ride the storms’ – and hope they grow up and grow out of it and ‘see the error of their ways’ – as their mother you know they are making mistakes, but they can’t see it at the time, it’s only when they are older they will wish they had done things differently, but the age the are at now you just can’t tell them anything – they think they know best…….

      Trying to get them to do as you ask at this age is so hard, they have a mind of their own, and only do things as and when THEY want to.

      I know if I was in your position I would be at my witts end as to know what to do for the best, you love them and want to stand by them, but at the same time when they have done something wrong their has to be consequences for their actions. They have got to learn they can’t go about doing whatever they like.

      The top and the bottom of it is you can guide them as best you can, but at the end of the day they are responsible for their own actions.

      Sorry I wish I was better with advice, but I’m useless – I can’t even sort out my own troubles – so I’m not much help to others – but I’m here to listen and to sympathise with you.

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      Hi Ladies

      THs u for your replies, sometimes just getting reply gives u strength to think of solution, had a cry to myself,spoke to my mum and brother and hopefully have worked out a solution just trying to put it in action will keep u posted xx

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      meant thxs for you replies

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