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      Falling Skys

      Finding it very hard to stay positive at the moment.

      I am still in pain because of the booby trap fine weeks ago have been told it could take three months to improve.

      [removed by moderator] to sort out the finance side of the divorce.

      There are going to be changes to my work situation. He is saleing the company.

      My mum is now very poorly again.

      I ended up in hospital over the weekend with a stress ulcer.

      It just seems never ending.

      Sorry for the winge but there seems no light at the end of the tunnel.

      And in with this a man asked my friend if I wanted along weekend abroad with him, all experience paid.. He very nice but maybe going out for a coffee would have been better. I find the thought of that intimidating enough.

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      Hugs, Falling Skys. That man is a selfrighteous a.. What does he think who you are? He needs a kick in his b…
      I hope your mum gets better soon. I know how that feels when you are in the middle of fighting against the abuser and then the parents are seriously ill. That takes your last energy.
      Hang in there. Things will get easier. It just takes long. x*x

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      Falling Skys

      Thankyou ayanna &(detail removed by moderator) xx

      I was overwhelmed and still am at the moment. But one thing at a time.

      Wrist x-rayed nothing broken so just time, am on painkillers which is helping.

      Ulcer on medication and making changes to my diet.

      Mum though poorly is looking better.

      Work having meeting next week.

      Court what will be will be.

      And the house will sale one day and I won’t have to be near him.

      Hopefully then my children will see him for what he is and me for what I am.

      I think that man has a kind heart, and he just has more money than most. And he would have been a gentleman. But I am not ready and even if I was wouldn’t go away with any one. Lol by the time I am no one will want me 😊

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      Hi Falling Skys

      We can only do so much. I don’t think that is a winge at all.

      That man is not a gentleman. A gentleman would not even have the expectation of taking a single mum in the middle of a divorce as harangued and being a dual carer as you are away on a long weekend abroad.

      W*F is he thinking? Oh wait no he’s not thinking his penis and his own ego and libido are doing that for him about his wants and pleasures. Not for a second, your wants and needs and worries.

      I meet guys like this dating all the time. They don’t expect women have lives and as much as we might want their company, we’ve got to get up early and do the laundry literally and figuratively. We can’t just drop everything and go off on a jaunt with them and most men don’t drop everything for a woman; men are all about convenience generally….that why they buy presents last minute while women buy next Christmas presents in the January sale.

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      sahara Hi Hun

      Sending u hug of support, hope things get better, sahara your reply made me laugh, they really r just after sex these men

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      Hi FS,

      It’s been a hell of a month for you.

      I am glad you have a strong idea of what you do and don’t want, and I hope that you will be able to voice it in the future.

      Your kids will see the truth in the end, and once at a distance from of your ex, you will be free to meet so many good people. You will be able to do all the things he stopped you doing, but on your terms X

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      Hi Confused

      thank you. I’m glad it made you laugh and hopefully hours.

      I just wanted to show FS that men need to be respectful and considerate.

      There’s nothing wrong with them wanting sex but they have to respectfully want it. not Not just think that they are entitled to anything from a woman.

      We must be very careful who we give our time and energy to.

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      Falling Skys


      Thankyou for your reply, I need to be more aware of what men are like. Just because I am being told he’s a nice man and gentle man doesn’t mean he is. I mean people thought my abuser was lovely and that was half the reason I didn’t speak out.

      FS xx

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      Falling Skys


      Thankyou for your support, I find it so hard to make decisions for my wants, not for making others happy. But I will get there.

      FS xx

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      White Rose

      Hi FS
      You’re right we all need to put ourselves first more often but it’s hard to change!
      You are getting there.
      Hope you’re feeling a bit better and love to you and ypur mum xx

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      Hi FS,

      Hope you’re doing ok now. What you’re achieving is amazing given what you’re going through. You’ve got great strength to have stayed with him whilst you get everything sorted out. Your house will sell eventually.

      Something I’ve found hard is having to be suspicious of all men and it makes me sad but stronger in the long run, I hope.

      White Rose. I had an interview yesterday and for the what are your weaknesses question I said I’m learning that sometimes I put other people before myself when I shouldn’t! Don’t know if I’ve got the job yet, or if that was a good answer but it felt good to say it!

      Love and hugs

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      Falling Skys

      Hi white rose

      Thankyou for the reply, the pills are killing in and I fill much better not being in constant pain.

      Mum is making improvements, so that’s a relief.

      It’s a comfort to know I have this support network

      FS xx

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Eve

      I’m not sure sometimes if I’m strong, mad or stubborn. Properly a mixture of all three. To be honest I can’t see another way out. Though I have given my solicitor some options to get me out quicker.

      I will keep my fingers crossed for you re job, I have bought a local paper and will get applying for some other jobs. I can’t have the added stress of will I won’t I have a job. And with all ive been through it would be nice to go somewhere were no one knows my past.

      FS xx

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