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      o at the moment, he’s been arrested but I’m feeling so scared, lonely, sad with everything. Everything has happened all at once. I came back home to the (detail removed by Moderator) and when I did I spoke to the police and told my family eveything because I didnt want to go back to him, he’s dangerous. I didnt tell him my movementsso immediately knew me (and my family) would be in some sort of danger. He’s tried to call and contact us through phoone, work but the following day he flew over came looking for me.

      I was with the police but my family called the police and they arrested him. I had to give my statement yesterday. Everything has happened o fast. I’m now safe at home but I just still feel so overwhelmed, sad and upset by all this. I just want to do the right thing and be safe.

      I dont even know what to do now. So many thoughts rushing through my head.

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      No advice sorry. Just want to give you hugs

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      Just wanted to say well done – you have been so brave to do this, going to the police and telling your family.

      You are safe now please do not go back. You know he will try to charm you into returning with empty promises.

      Stay strong and safe

      Big Hug x*x

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        I will not go back – I am too scared of him and what he might do to me because our ‘relationship’ was a secret for so many years and it started when I was underage.

        Thank you for your supportive words.

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      You deserve a medal!
      Please call WA and get in touch with your local WA. The Women and Girl’s Network should also be good for your support.
      Keep posting!
      We are all here for you!

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        Yes I called WA and they spoke to me / listened at length. They gave me the number for injunctions but I’m so scared. I am so scared. He’s been released on bail. The thought just scares me. I feel so alone.

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      I am proud of you, you know it! I am so proud of you for the immense courage you have displayed, the intelligence you have demonstrated and the resourcefulness that guided you.

      Never ever ever ever (!!!!) doubt you did the right thing, don’t go back and don’t have remorse nor doubts, EVER!!!

      xx glad you are safe now

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        Thanks BridgetJones but I’ve just recently been told that he’s been released on bail. I am crying so much because now he’s in the same country and knowing he’s just out there , I just know he’ll try and bump into my mum or something. Or stalk them . He’s not allowed contact with me or them but thats not the point. His presense alone scares me.
        I am crying so much – just want to feel safe and normal again.

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      These abusers rely on our fear to make us do what they want.

      Hard though it is, please believe you are stronger than him. You have a right to be free.

      I am going out now but will check in later xxxx

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        hi – I’m feeling a bit better today. Just trying to take it easy.

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      Hey HUn

      Please get
      this non mol out staright away, it is to protect u ,get some one to complete with u , dont feel u have to doa lone it will be overwhelming for u

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