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      I wondered how long it would be till he found me.
      He found me on a dating site I use just to make friends as I’m too traumatised to talk to men out.
      Well this character talked to me was okay at first then I get a text off a number I didn’t know and several whatsapp messages.
      He said something I had only said to him and laughed at how he may look innocent but he I a psychopath and will f***** destroy me that he’s got a evil streak it was this time I said “I know who you are” and he was playing games
      .. “who am I then?” What is ny name… Needless to say he wouldn’t admit it,
      He carried on messaging so how he wanted to violate me that he wanted to violate young girls and that he would violate me whilst I was out cold.
      At this point I was very scared I knew it was him.for sure now especially when he said he likes abusing me and degrading me.
      My friend rung the number it went to a network me and him used so this was my proof.

      Now I’ve immediately changed my number, blocked his number.
      My problem is this, he knew where I was going to be NYE so is he watching me?
      I’ve kept all the messages but I don’t know whether to ring the police because they’ve already dropped the case of rape.
      The things in his messages prove what he used to do but now he is involving peadophillia??? Please help do I call the police???

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      Hi Fallenangel. Yes tell the police. They may not be able to do anything this time (but they might) however each time he tries something like this, and you report it, you are building up evidence against him. And if he is going after young girls, you could potentially be helping them as well.
      They may have dropped the rape case but that doesn’t mean they didn’t believe you, maybe not enough evidence? So the more evidence they have of this evil man the better.
      Stay strong! You are already dealing with it strongly by blocking him and changing your number, telling the police will make you stronger x*x

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      Hi Hun

      Report to police and to dating agency he shouldn’t be on there

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      Oh my goodness I agree with herindoors go to the police and get it on file, what a vile man…

      Please keep posting

      Big hug


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      Well I rung the police they came out looked at the messages said I shouldn’t of replied but there going to figure out what crime its going to come under?? Would of thought someone wanting to rape children would of been pretty serious. She said she knows I know its him but they don’t and all they can do is trace the number and that might not lead anywhere.
      He wont let me live my life, he’s always going to bother me I just manage to crawl through life and here he is exactly on the day we split up several weeks ago he chooses to play games.
      Wish it would end wish they could send him away lock him up xx 😞

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      Twisted Sister

      they can have him for stalking/harrassment, all thats required is a pattern of behaviour, and pattern constitutes just ‘two’ instances, and he has tracked you on-line and then texted you, threatened you, and then also commented on where you will be on NYE… stalking!

      They could pay him a visit and look at his phone, they have reasonable suspicion because of the serious nature of the threats, and his knowledge of your whereabouts, but then others might know too, but you can recognnise the way he speaks, so you’ve identified him pretty much!

      Will you still be going on NYE… i don’t think i would 🙁

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      The police will not do anything, they said as I replied they will not even look into the number so AGAIN he has gotten away with the vile things he did to me and now the horrible things he said. I’m not going anywhere NYE because I’m afraid again just when I felt a tiny but better 😞

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      Did you speak to domestic abuse police? Please Ask to speak to s senior officer. Thus man has raped you, made contact again. This should be fully investigated. Don’t give up. Get in touch with your local MP if they don’t go after him. He sent the messages, what does it matter if you replied. Nip it in the bud now❤️ Stay strong. Do you have a women’s aid worker who could help?

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      I have a domestic abuse worker but that’s part of my marac but I haven’t heard anything for weeks, they said I was high risk too. I know its him, as soon as I had solid proof I changed my number.
      The thing is it blatantly says in the messages he wants to beat me and rape me and likes abusing me and that he has done it before non of my previous relationship were violent so it has to be him.
      The policeman rung me back later and said “we’ve looked into your ex partners previous and we will now take it further starting with a trace on that number and if its him do you want us to take it further?? OBVIOUSLY!! he’s already gotten away with his rape and domestic abuse previously now I’m unsure of his previous… I was told he had only been arrested once???

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      White Rose

      I’m so glad police seem to have changed their view.
      I suspect you’ll be getting stressed about this (I always state the obvious!! ) so get onto your local DV support and tell them what’s going on and ask for a named support worker. If they’re closed for Christmas the helpline wont be so you can get practical help from them too.
      Any concerns at all he’s turning up at your home ring 999. You can also ask police about alarms etc.
      You said you were feeling a tiny bit better – hang onto that feeling and keep safe

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      It’s a weird one today I got more messages but this time from another profile similar name where this person says “he’s not him and that he’s worse that ima skinny s***” then I got another saying “I’m a god unlike him”
      I haven’t replied to these messages but today I’ve found myself feeling quite sad its my first Christmas without him i wondered whether he would be sat with the women he has kids with and his family happy ot actually stung me a little and i cried.
      The thought that I’m just forgotten kills me inside.
      I know i should be singing from the roof tops but today and last night i struggled.
      Merry Christmas and cheers to us survivors!! X*x

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