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      I’m sorry for posting yet again. I’m exhausted!
      He seems to want to argue about everything! Anything and everything! I can’t talk about (removed by moderator) for instance without him being confrontational . What the heck is that about? I try not to bite but I’ve just had to walk out because I can’t bare it anymore. It’s his night to put kids to bed which is why he’s there.
      Why does he want to argue about everything!!! I’m sure this will be my fault for walking out. He’s already blamed me for not being able to (removed by moderator) because he’s putting the kids to bed and walking the dogs : all of which were agreed prior to us splitting and me keeping the pets as a favour to him!
      I’m beyond done with this and just want it to end. I worry it never will

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      Twisted Sister

      hi again,

      I didn’t realise you were separated, and therefore he should not be in your house. You are no longer together and its confusing for the children him coming over like this playing happy families yet managing to cause hurricanes again, whilst they are supposed to be having quiet time and settling down. How on earth do the children manage to calm for sleep with him there?

      Shut him out, and don’t let him see his dogs in your home, meet him out with them and hand them over, then you can pick them up again, if thats what you are happy to do, but not in your home.

      More than anything your children and you need home to be a safe and calm, consistent place. Set some boundaries now he’s separate from you. Your home is for decent friends and family, and he’s not that.

      Hope you can rest well tonight. x

      warmest wishes


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      In what way – does he still pay the bills? Sadly it’s just another of their games to wear you down. My ex claimed to never believe how much our bills were despite evidence and therefore only ever paid a measly amount which is what he thought bills should be – as if it works like that. The sooner you can separate everything and rely on him the least, the better. I agree with TS, it’ll be confusing for all and he’ll never respect it being your home. Their entitled view will always act like he’s top dog, which will also be why he’s poking at everything x

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