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      Hi beautiful ladies,
      I thought I’d take the time to share this with you…
      This week I went paddle boarding, when I got home I saw that I had a bruise on my leg.
      This reminded me of the bruises I use to get from my ex partner.
      As a child I wasn’t overly rough and tumble, so I never really had bruises or ended up in hospital for stitches or broken bones.
      When my ex started hitting me and I saw the bruises on my body they were quite shocking. Not being able to get any kind of medical help or even go to the chemist for creams I was amazed to see that in just a week or even a few days the bruises healed all on their own leaving my skin unmarked again… until next time!
      What got me in this moment (or should I say magic) of healing, was how powerful I was. My body had healed itself, I had given it no special care, no medical attention and I wasn’t even taking care of it by a healthy diet and exercise at the time, let alone good rest and sleep and mentally I was weak and fragile.
      But never the less it healed itself… Magic!
      This is when I realised how powerful my body was and what potential I had, if I had healed with no focus what could I do with focus. I then applied this to my thoughts and mind.
      I really want you ladies to know how powerful you are and that you can change the situations you are in with a little self belief, and blind faith.
      The fact that I left my ex with no outside help and no plan, I know you can to.
      Find that little bit of magic inside you and relight that spark, everyone’s light is meant to shine xx

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      Thank you for this. It has been a difficult day. Only yesterday I was marvelling at how far I had come since I left him (detail removed by Moderator) and then today something knocked me back. But the spark to heal is very powerful. A good reminder to hold on to your inner strength. All the best x

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        Hi beautiful Angel …. Highway61,
        Thank you for your comment on my post.
        How are you feeling today?
        Things will knock you back, but like you say we have that spark.
        It’s good to look at how we have come, I think we forget what powerful strong women we are.
        We have to use this strength and not let our fight be for nothing
        Sending you continued love and support
        D xx

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      Very inspirational Darcy, thank you. Your words certainly make me think, particularly about blind faith as it is so very hard trying to make the initial leap! X

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        Hi beautiful Angel … Secretlife,
        Yes blind faith is something that I learnt when being with my ex.
        We can not see the bigger picture, but there is one and we have to believe that and that it is good.
        I was certain that I was not going to make what time I had spent with my ex the focus of my future life. If I had done this I would have stayed his victim and that was never going to be my story.
        My story is of growth and change and empowerment, he doesn’t have the right to have a staring role in that!!
        I don’t think it matters what you have faith in or what you call it as long as it is led by love it will over power everything and lead you to a better place.
        One day looking back at the bigger picture we will know why we were given that journey
        Sending you continued love and support
        D xx

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