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      New to this, only cottoned on to what he is really like a few days ago. I’ve known rubbish men before (who hasn’t, they’re everywhere, like slugs) but this one is a new one on me, also how I could be so…tame about it. Apologising for MY behaviour! Trying to appease HIM!
      See, I was upset. Now I’m foaming. How dare he?! So still pondering what to do about him. We don’t live together so at least haven’t got to see him. Basically he’s spent xx years making little comments, accusing me of ‘flirting’ or going places just so men can look at me, picking at what I wear or why I wear it, snooping online, and making out people I work with are reporting back to him on my behaviour. Lots of little, similar things. Realised what was going on and that I wasn’t going to take his c**p, confronted him, and got mocked for putting my foot down. Screw you, buddy. Anyway I doubt it’s my loss, he’s (detail removed by Moderator).
      Apparently he doesn’t think people need privacy or space in relationships. Apparently, they should share everything. If they don’t, they’re ‘hiding’ something or ‘sneaking’ round or being ‘secretive’. If I don’t remember the EXACT sequence of events that weren’t even that important from xx years ago, I’m ‘lying’ (no, I just didn’t give enough of a frack about a minor issue to remember it – oh but if I say that, then I don’t care about the relationship!). If I don’t relay my ENTIRE conversation with a friend to him, I’m ‘secretive.’ You know, just because I speak to another man doesn’t mean I want to suck his d**k!! Not to mention he can’t seem to credit me with independent thought and if I use a word he hasn’t heard me use before, I must have got it from someone else (read: a man. that’s right, I spend my evenings in intellectual intercourse with other men so I can slay HIM with my wit. I WISH). SO DONE. BYE (detail removed by Moderator).

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      Hi beautiful Angel… Birchbee…
      I am so glad to read how empowered you are that you are able to set yourself free of this man (your description of him made me smile.. he sounds so attractive!)
      Its great that you are not living together and not entangled in this way.
      I hope going forward that you can move on from this man quickly and easily without any come back from him, well done for recognising his behaviour and getting out.
      Sending you continued love and support
      Darcy xx

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      Hello, I read your post yesterday before the details got removed and your words did make me smile which was nice as I was having a horrible day.
      I’m glad you’re in the position of feeling you’re completely done with this man who sounds like an energy vampire 🦹 good riddance to bad rubbish as the saying goes xx

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