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      Hi, I’m new here. I’m so glad to have found here. I’ve felt alone for a very long time. I’m unsure what to post where, so I think I might post elsewhere of my story. I can encounter anxiety, an and have waited a while before coming forward to say hello. I suffer cptsd from a very long extremely abusive marriage, and encountered child abuse also. The cptsd effects have caused me to become unwell to the point my health, immunity, became compromised, leading to all kinds of symptoms, effects, time off work. Work does not know, I fear it could compromise all I worked hard to achieve. I have to return to work imminently, and so have been trying to find ways how to better protect me, be more resilient, and not break upon conflict, threat, challenging triggers. Thanks so much for reading, I think all here are truly amazing, inspiring, strong. Thanks again, alien doh!. I hope I manage to post this OK

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      Hi Auriel, thank you for replying, I’m so glad you joined too, both newbies, to get to meet you. Wow you’ve similar experiences too re your health decline alongside having a family who have personality disorders!! I think you’re so right, all what you said, I wouldn’t have been able to find such words that fit so well to describe them. I’d not thought of it like that before, boundaries violated, you’re so right! Being made super susceptible and vulnerable too, they were definately a part of the problem that led to all. I’ve one remaining parent who still is in my life with her personality disorder at full work, I try very hard to keep boundaries, distance, etc. Thank you for helping me feel its not just me and I’m not mad or making it up in my experience, if you get what I mean. I’m so glad to meet you, so sorry you had to experience abuse too, hope you’re taking good care, hope you are doing OK today

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      Hi, I am also new to here. Until two weeks ago I was unaware I was in an abusive marriage. I knew things werent right, as his behaviour towards me was appauling, but I struggled to define it as abuse. His main tactic is coercive control. and emotional abuse. For example, if I do not do or give him what he wants, he threatens self harm (an empty threat) or tells me (detail removed by moderator). There are many examples I can give.
      I am looking for advice and support from this forum. I work full time which is a huge struggle and am looking to build myself up so I can leave.

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        Hello, I’m currently trying to build myself up to leave too, I’ve just started therapy. I’d recommend reaching out to your local domestic abuse service if you haven’t already. You may be able to access counselling through them. Mine has threatened suicide on many occasions, it’s emotional blackmail. Dr Ramani has some great videos on YouTube, also the book Why does he do that? by Lundy Bancroft is a huge eye opener if you haven’t read it already xx

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