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      I am just feeling so depressed recently. I had to have my sons mental health assessed and sit listening to him telling somebody how he feels about his dad.

      He said he has PTSD which is triggered by sights, smells and sounds. These trigger bad memories of his father being violent and attacking him and his younger brother. He has anger issues and fears turning into his father. He hates himself, hates life and wants to die. He has failed all his mock exams at school but tries so hard. His teachers think he is being lazy but he spends all his time trying to complete homework tasks but can never finish anything on time. He spends some nights up all night trying to catch up.

      I strongly suspect he has learning difficulties and have voiced my concerns to his school. It just seems to take forever for him to be tested and diagnosed with anything and in the meantime he is struggling, feeling worse and worse about himself. He has no friends and has been bullied terribly in the past. It has come to a point where I am considering taking him out of school altogether as it is affecting his mental health so severely along with the aftermath of his father’s abuse to us all.

      I have taken him to doctors, tried phoning everybody I can think of for support and advice but just seem to get passed from pillar to post and get nowhere. Just wonder if any of you ladies have had similar issues with children and could advise of anywhere I could try? I really don’t want him to end up in hospital, stuck in the mental health system or doped up on anti-depressants.

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      Hi HUn

      Sending u hug first, please dont give up, it is heartbreaking to see our children go through this , firstly if your son is talking how he feels thats brill, let him talk, let him realeasse tears if he needs to, my eldest had a good cry to me just after xmas saying he felt like a failure like his dad, wanted life to end, as mum we can give them so much love, let them know its ok to cry, hug him loads , let him talk about his feelings , then give him the reassurance he needs, if his struggling at school, speak to senco worker at school, they have duty to work with your child about any concerns educational and emotionally. Ask for a mentor or more support with his homework, i used to always think my son teachers hated me cause of my son behaviour, i explained home scenario , thye immediately linked it to his behaviour and understood and offered me laods of support, can he go to any extra study support classes, get a tutor if u could afford it. Get him referedd to i think its called cams, they r brill at working with kids . like i said tell teachers how he studies hard but struggles to keep up. Ask for a family support worker to support u to keep u strong she should guide u both, is counselling available for your child?

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