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      He’s trying every means to drive me out of our home. Police, his doctor, sectioning.
      I’m (detail removed by Moderator) and nowhere else to go. Police useless threatened to have me forcibly removed to hospital.
      He’s now using tears and mental issues to blame me.

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      I’m desperate needing support here

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      He calls me a loud mouthed, evil thieving c$#&t when I tried to speak up. He hasn’t managed to get rid of me, so now he’s playing the victim, very good at it, he’s used his gp to claim I’m the abuser, lots of tears today from him. I’m painted as the evil one

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      Hi beautiful Angel… Kangaroopaw,
      I am so saddened to read your post.
      Are you able to contact women’s aid or the domestic abuse helpline and speak to them for some advice?
      I don’t really have any advice to give you about this as it’s quite hard to gage from your post the full situation.
      However, I wanted you to know that you are being heard by all the women on this forum and you are not alone.
      Even just sharing your feelings by posting can sometimes unearth an answer, so I hope it has helped.
      Sending you continued love and support
      Darcy xx

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      lover of no contact

      Hi Kangaroopaw,

      I went through the same mental torture and continuous pressure for me to leave the family home and he stay with the children. It was awful but I didn’t leave. Although my children were witness to him bullying and shouting at me Day in, day out to leave. He’d harass me and intimidate me and call me every name under the sun. I was a mental wreck from his coercive behaviour. But I didn’t leave. He was used to getting his way in life by bullying and applying pressure but I didn’t give in. We were separating at the time and I think he felt he’d get to stay in the house with the children if I’d left before the separation court date.

      Yes I would ring Women’s Aid and talk it out with them. I would post on here daily the pressure he’s put you under for that day. That will help release the pressure.

      And remember “This too will pass”. It did for me but oh so hard when you’re going through it. Just get as much support as you can.

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      This is the only place I feel safe to talk.
      Married (detail removed by Moderator) years.. at first he would threaten to leave, packed a bag several times but never left. He knew I would beg him not to go.
      Now the house is in his name, he’s switched tacks and trying everything to drive me out. Sectioning, the police. I stay and behave.
      The police believed him not me, I can’t go to them any more. Next time it will be me that’s removed not him. Any reaction from me to him and he will claim I’m mentally ill and paranoid. I know because I have evidence copied of his despite him being nice to me at the moment.
      No mortgage so he would have the house I know that I am entitled to half, but that would take two years and in the meantime I would have to find somewhere else to live. There are no rentals because of COVID and rental prices have gone through the roof.
      Can’t say more I will add bits when I’m on my own. He’s (detail removed by Moderator) retired and asleep at the moment. xx

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      lover of no contact

      I have been where you are many years ago and it’s so awful so keep posting on here to keep yourself strong. Living with an abuser is too much for any of us; so try and do as much self care as you can. Also keep reading the other ladies posts for strength and ideas.

      Hopefully Women’s Aid will have some suggestions for you too.

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