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      OK so I was brave this morning and told my husband I didn’t love him and wanted to split up.

      It didn’t go well of course.

      He started to say things like – I don’t want to be on my own, we’ve been together for X Mount of X, I can’t cope on my own etc.

      As we are travelling it is hard to get away. Ii am with him 24/7. He’s promised to change but I know he won’t.

      Until I can put a plan in place, we are ‘friends’ for the sake of our son and getting on as normal. Except the sex and touchy stuff.

      Hes already played some mind games but I expect this.

      Where do I go now?
      I will only be able to speak to womans aid here and there but need to to form a plan.

      I think this I going to be the longest drawn out split up ever, he’s just prolonging the agony on his side.

      I’m done with him.

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      Hi farawayplanet. Im sorry i have no advice for you as far as a plan goes but i just wanted to say that i completely feel your pain. I told my husband about (removed by moderator) ago that i didnt love him and i wanted to seperate. It was excruciating for me. We have been together (removed by moderator) years and ive been unhappy for (removed by moderator) of those years. But i got all of the tears, pleas, promises to change, guilt loading etc and i just couldnt do it. We work together so im with him all day. Hes starting taking time off when im off work too. He wants to be with me all the time and im suffocating.i just wasnt ready or strong enough and now i feel resigned to this unhappy exsistence.
      Im just telling you this to hopefully give you that strength to make sure you dont back down. Stay strong, remember your worth and believe in yourself that you can do this.
      I hope you get some support with leaving.
      Best of wishes x

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      Hi Farawayplanet,

      Thank you for coming back to us with an update. I understand you are in a really difficult situation with seeking support whilst travelling with your husband and child. Abusive people will continue the control to prolong the relationship so it can be a really risky time for you. I have sent you some information via private message with details of next steps and how to access support. You are doing the right thing by reaching out for support for you and your child. Please do keep posting to let us know how you are doing; we are here for you.

      Take care,


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