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      Just some advice. I think I know the answers just it’s good to hear it cemented. So I e been having some family trouble and have been talking at length to my partner about it. It’s actually been so good to talk to him. Then (detail removed by Moderator) he comes to me and starts telling me how it’s impacting him. Told me I never talk to him. Calmly I said that I had spoken to him all week, with that he erupted. Said (detail removed by Moderator). I said to him that there was no need for the raised voice and was just letting him know that we have spoken. He got louder. I said ok and left the room. He went to bed. No goodnight. In the morning I was angry he came and asked me why I was being like I was. I told him about the night before. With that he exploded and I’ve had nothing but abuse for days. Telling me I have expectations he’s not what I want. Said he saw a potential problem when I told him we had spoken that’s why he acted the way he did. Is it because I corrected him? He can never do any wrong and acts this way whenever I tell him how I see his behaviour. He was vile. In my face and vile. Told me I’m thick, I’m a c&&£, to go that he’s never had this before, the house is being sold that it’s over he wants me gone.. Then when it’s calm he wants a hug. I told him it’s over I am fed up of being treated the way he sees fit, fed up of it being over everytime we fall out. So I’m telling you it’s over. He has been sulking now for (detail removed by Moderator) days. Not eating. In his room. Not sure how I want to play this now. Yes I do have expectations to be treated fairly and respectfully. How can he see a problem when I’m calm. If I had shouted I’d understand. I think it’s him and the fact he didn’t like what he heard. Sorry for the long post. I go over and over it in my head. I’m fed up of walking on eggshells and opening up to him to have it be about him. He didn’t get the sympathy vote from me maybe that’s his problem. I wanted to correct him not pander to him. Sorry all. Hope you are all in a good place. X

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      Hi Munchkin04,

      Thank you for your post. I’m sorry to hear about your situation. This sounds really exhausting and its understandable you are feeling fed up-you should feel able to open up to your partner and for that to be safe- not for it to be turned around on you.

      you do deserve to be treated with love and respect- there is no excuse for his behaviour.

      Take care and keep posting


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