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      I hope this is okay to post Lisa, I won’t list his exact charges.

      After an awful day yesterday, I got a call late last night to say that after all this time, and a good couple of years of indecision and not knowing he’s finally being charged!!

      For half a dozen counts of badness. He could face many many years in prison.

      Have a trial to get through now and will have to give evidence in front of a jury… but there’s hope now.

      Is it normal that it doesn’t feel real? It’s all I can do not to ring the DC back and make her tell me again ’cause I don’t really believe it yet? I was so geared up and ready for them not to charge, think I’m in shock?

      There’s hope! X*x

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      I am glad for you; why on earth did it take two years though? (I know you probably cannot answer that!) I am still waiting to see if they are going to charge or not. It seems to take for ever…

      KL x x x x

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      Partly because apparently the cps are understaffed and mainly because of what he’s being charged with…very much my word against his so cps prosecutor wanted to be certain they had enough evidence to walk into court and the jury would convict…fingers crossed they do!

      It does take such a long time, just hang in there love!


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      It sounds like I am in the same situation as you then…
      The wait is dreadful though; everything triggers anxiety. I can go days feeling OK and then something really tiny sets me back again.
      I really hope that court goes well for you, do you know when that will happen? (I am not asking for a date, just seeing if that too presents a huge wait.)

      KL x x x

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      Great news! Now you have your opportunity to get justice. Give them a strong performance! That will convince the jury.
      And yes, it can take long. They are all overworked due to understaffing.
      I wish you strength and perseverence. You will do it! x*x

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      Ah Katielove I know what you mean! I think the waiting for a trial will take at least another year if not more…he has to make a plea etc but I don’t know much about the crown court process. He’s the only one ever done anything serious enough to me to warrent crown court proceedings you know? I went with him to magistrates before and there were 2 or 3 hearings before the actual trial, inc’ plea hearing, the whole process from charge to conviction took a year, so who knows how long this will take?
      Stay strong lovely, i know some days seem impossible and sometimes its like you dont know if you’ll make it thru the night even, but you can do this sweetheart, you already are! X*x

      Ayanna, thanks lovely. I’ve already told my dc i will cry my way thru it but she says not to worry too much. I know I’m going to be a wreck, but who wouldn’t be? Just hope and pray thr jury aren’t taken in by all the lies and horrid things he’s bound to try saying about me, and see him for what he is.

      Feel like now he’s being charged, the hard parts over with? I can do court, I’ll cry thru it but it’s fact and it’s truth and I’ll have the prosecution, police and witness care team behind me.


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      In the crown court the judge and prosecution wear wigs. It feels really odd. Try to remain very strong during the hearing.
      You can also request a screen. That makes it easier to speak up. And he cannot see how you look now. That might make you feel a bit stronger. x*x

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      I think I’ll be having a screen, most of my evidence will be from the ABE video I did with the police so at least I won’t have to have him glaring at me while I’m on the stand…

      The whole thing is surreal. I was certain he’d be refused charge. Fighting the urge to ring my dc and check – again- – to make sure i didn’t imagine her saying he was being charged… x*x

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      I’m going through similar. The trial is coming up very soon but it’s felt like forever to get to this point. I’m giving my evidence (detail removed by Moderator) It’s been very difficult and very strung out but not so much as yours. Hopefully we can help each other through this whole ordeal.

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      Oh love good luck!

      It’s taken a couple of days but it’s finally sunk in…and now I’m petrified.


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