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      I don’t know where or what is safe now. I think he was in my icloud account or Facebook or something. Today I was at his mums and he read out some emails I’d sent from Facebook (from last year, possibly the year before as I deactivated my account some time ago) they were various emails I’d sent to friends during one of the occasions he’d left me.. They were my private feelings on the matter at the time. He showed a photo that I’d had on my phone of a letter an ex sent me years before I even met him. and read some other things that I think were texts but I’m not sure. I have been on my cloud account from his computer so I don’t know if he knew my password or if he hacked my Facebook. I’ve gone on the cloud and changed my emails address and password. I’ve changed my password on Facebook too and set up the text alerts if someone is trying to log in. I’ve deactivated it again too. Just don’t know where he got that info or how… Or why. All of it was in the past and it’s the fact that he’s got it has made me really paranoid 🙁

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      I don’t have anything to hide in the sense that I’ve never cheated but obviously I don’t want him reading emails that I’ve sent to friends about anything never mind about him.

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      Starmoon , I know the feeling it’s horrid you feel like you can’t breath and ther watching every move you make. He went trough everything of mine. He deleted emails I had sent phone numbers of my phone , I had nothing privet
      When I packed his stuff up I had a look thorough his tablet, good job I did he had photos of me naked ( I wasn’t a wear ) sleeping in the shower ect
      There were photos of letters and bits that he had found in my chest of draws. One was of a pregnancy kit that has been in there for years about five to be honest. He took out took a photo of it. It makes me so angry what his done and to be honest I find rather creepy he was like that. So now I too get parotid that he might still looking into my emails text and tracking my car.
      But I think we need to remind ourself that we are not with them any more and they are very sad individuals. I always go on privet brows on the web , don’t really send emails & text I delet as soon as it’s sent & like you have changed all passwords to every thing.

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      Awful isn’t it. I wish I knew how he’s done it but I’ve no idea and I’m not as up on technology as he is. I understand him being paranoid or insecure but it’s him searching for things to find me guilty of. Yea I emailed friends and I’ve slated him to the hilt on occasions when he’s left me but that’s natural. I just feel really scared nothing is private now 🙁

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