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      He just won’t ever get it!
      We aren’t together any more, he’s destroyed me and every time I think I’m managing things… Understanding that he’s just on a different planet to me… I still get sucked back in. Not in the sense that I’d take him back but now over contact with the kids. He unleashed hell with involving social services- telling them I’m an unfit mother. I had to reveal to them everything he’s put me threw over the years in order to try and convince them that I’m not what he says I am. And threw all of that- I still don’t want to keep him away from the kids. I just wanted to draw a line under all the c**p with the social services and be sure that they were on the same page as me. Or at least didn’t believe his lies. But they’ve been dragging their feet. They arranged an appointment (removed by moderator) to speak with my eldest child and assured me the case would be closed after that. But the social worker didn’t show up to the appointment and then made out that she hasn’t confirmed it with me. I know this isn’t the case at all and it’s just made me trust them even less but I had to go alone with it. The appointment is now (removed by moderator) so that’s put things back again.
      He’s pestering me to see the kids and I’m ill at the moment- very ill. So my mums been helping out. He’s just sent me messages demanding that he has them and saying (removed by moderator). I hate his mum as much as I hate him after the way she talked to me over the last pregnancy and miscarriage. For years I bent over backwards for her, visited her and ran errands while (detail removed by moderator) !
      Why isn’t he grateful that someone els is helping out and picking up the pieces that he broke and left behind 😡

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      Hi, sorry to hear you are ill and hope you get better soon. thats very bad of social services to not turn up.
      How does he know that you are ill and your mom is looking after the children.
      I would say his mom has pushed herself out by the way she treated you.
      You said he cant even look after the baby so you would have no peace of mind if he had them.
      Its his behvoir that has caused this and not doubt he cannot or will not see that.
      He didnt seem to care when you were miscarrying about he childrens welfare or yours, it seems he is just trying got get at you in a different way.
      Best to just ignore him, you dont need more stress when you are unwell xx

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      Hi Starmoon,

      I’m sorry to read that he is trying to continue the abuse via the children and involving social services. Sadly many abusers do this. I really encourage you to seek information and support regarding child contact issues by calling the helpline, your local domestic abuse service or a specialist legal helpline.

      You might also find the following websites useful;

      The family rights group;

      Kind Regards,


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