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     Strong tiger 

    Hi I’m new to the forum. Not sure what to say at the moment, as my head is still a mess, but hopefully will get some help and support from this group to help me

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    It really is a step forward accessing this valuable resource and I can say it has helped me make sense of things. It still has not sunk in with me yet what has happened but I am sure over time it will do, keep reading other people’s stories and posting about your own experiences, take care xx

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    Hello ladies and welcome to the forum. The initial feelings that go through us when we eventually realise just who/ what we have been living with are too much to deal with. Take your time, keep posting and reading others posts too. Knowledge is power. This is a safe place to talk, we all leave in our own time, no one tells us what we should do, we get enough of that from our oh’s.
    IWMB 💕💕

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     Strong tiger 

    Thank you for your kind words of support. I will find time to post my problem on another relevant topic

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    Hi, glad to see you’ve found the forum. Loads of support here for you.

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    Welcome Strong Tiger. I’ve recently split from my abuser and I honestly don’t think I’d have done that without this forum. No one else really understood what I was going through. This is a great place. No one will judge you or tell you what they think you should do.

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     Strong tiger 

    Thank you Landy. I will post my problem on another relevant topic later. It’s very hard to understand why things are like they are, but I’m not happy and I need to be, as things are getting out of hand now x

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     lover of no contact 

    Welcome Strong tiger (great name!). You will find your way out of the mess. I was where you are now my mind and emotions a mess and my life totally unmanageable and I was getting weaker by the day. I now am no contact with the abuser and can recognise other abusive people and take measures to have minimum interactions with them as in work situations etc. Knowledge is Power and support is essential as we can’t deal with these abusive types of people with our own wits and will.

    You have taken the first step which is to admit its too much for you. Keep reading the posts and share when you’re ready. We all had to start one day like you are doing now.

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    Hi, I’m new to the forum, and recently out of a coercive-controlling, abusive relationship. Everyday feels like the first-step of overcoming the heartbreak, anger and shock-horror of what I was actually experiencing and yet somewhat blind to. How did I not see this, and yet everyone else did?

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     sweet freedom 

    hi Luckycat

    You are feeling so shocked because you cant believe it happened to you, I remember being in shock for a year after the relationship ended, how could I let myself be involved in that?

    Its very natural, the onset of coercive control is so slow and insidious that you hardly notice it, and when you do they smooth over it, making you feel that you are being paranoid. Please take time to take care of you, try and arrange some counselling, talking to someone who isn’t involved in your life is actually very liberating and can put things into perspective and make you realise how extraordinarily brave you are!

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