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    Hi, does anyone have any idea what a judge will do knowing about history of moderate depression and anxiety. On and off since late teenage years, never been hospitalised, prescribed anti-depressents once and did CBT therapy. I find exercise super helpful and healthy diet, not been depressed or anxious since just before had kids and ex is telling lies that I have post natal depression.

    Kinda worried really.

    Any advise please? 🙂

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    Depression is an illness, not a crime. Make sure you have supportive evidence from your GP if it becomes an issue. However it really should be ok. Mental illness usually affects parents only when it is untreated or not yet diagnosed. It does not have a bearing on wether or not you are a fit parent. Sounds like your oh is u sing your vulnerability in an abusive way, to smear you. You need to state that clearly and describe the impact of his actions upon your mental health, if any. You read as being insightful and aware, and use simple clarity about your mental well being. Just continue to express yourself in this way and use your strengths.

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    My ex tried to claim I was unfit due to ill health, it was not taken seriously, infact it was ignored completely and never came up during the process. It’s really poor if he does this and not what a solicitor would advise him to do here – so if this is the best he’s got then I’d leave him to get on with it, let him build his case on this, it’s a waste of his time and it means his case is weak; keeps him from finding other angles that may be more threatening too right?

    They’re not really interested in years ago either, it’s more about what is happening now and recently. I got hold of my medical record incase I needed to show ‘part’ of it so we could move on quickly from this if it came up, disprove his accusations in minutes (takes around a month to 6 weeks to come back, or less if you only order specific parts). Judge can order a full copy of your MR if he thinks this is relevant, but this is rare, so if you can provide evidence to cover you and show his accusation as made up this might be wise, could satisfy the court straight away and leave you feeling ‘ready’ – ‘if’ it comes up.

    As far as you are concerned, yes like most people in the world, you have gone through some difficult times in life and when you have you have pulled in support, like therapy and the GP. Not needed this since before the children were born though. Shows you will do the right thing when needed – shows nothing more. They seem to think they can use mental health against us, but in reality, unless there is severe neglect or abuse then it is not acknowledged.

    You’ve got nothing to hide here – remember this – never buy into his lies, always stay with your truth x

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    My ex tried to say he had to take care of me because I was mentally ill and this put strain on your relationship…lies. Iv suffered depression for many many years, the police contacted my GP for medical records and I had nothing to hide it only said history of depression & that I had sought help from tablets and counselling. Completely fine! I spoke about my history of depression to the judge and it did not go against me one bit! He was 100% on my side and supported me & was very kind. Having a mental illness such as depression or anxiety doesn’t make you unreliable nor does it make people think you are lying. Everyone is with you on your side❤️

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    If your ex isn’t a psychiatrist then I’d laugh it off. It sounds like you have a good grip on your mental health and my ex accused me of the same. The Judge won’t be happy about unfounded allegations of this kind and your ex won’t look good. I agree it’s not something a solicitor would be telling him to do without evidence. It makes him look bad. Bye the way my son was past 20 years old when my ex was still accusing me of post natal depression.idiot. He painted such a bad picture I’m sure the Judge would be asking himself why the idiot stayed if things were that bad and why my eX didn’t get me help back then.let him talk himself into trouble. Sit back and watch the show x

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