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      At my wits end

      I currently rent a HA home i am the sole tenant. I am wondering wether i could get my partner out under ASBO rules. I dont want to risk losing my house because of the moron.

      Any advice please

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      If your the sole tenant then just ask him to leave, if he doesn’t call the police. If he’s not on the tenancy he will have to leave. X

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      When you are the sole tenant you just need to tell him to leave. If he does not leave you can call police. Also, inform the HA that he refuses to leave. The cards are in your favour.
      Just make sure you are safe.
      You could also change locks when he is out of the house. Then he cannot get back in. He is not a tenant there, and living there without your permission is like burglary anyway.
      Also go to CAB to back yourself up with correct advice. x*x

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      At my wits end

      Thank you for your replies. I want to avoid the police as i worry with my kids being here i dont want social services being involved. Im just sick of him.
      I psy his bills and now hes kicking off cos he cant have a new car even though he doesnt work. I do full time and im paying out twice for mobiles car ins etc.
      If he cant get his own way hes abusive.
      (removed by moderator) ive had of this. Id give up my job and move away once hes gone. I swear id never let him near me again. He makes me sick. Hes a petulant child

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      Do not worry calling the police. Social services will not interfere when your children are safe and he is gone for good. You are doing the correct thing, so do not be afraid. Usually calling the police is the best thing because he is logged and this can be of great help for you if he misbehaves.
      He is financially abusing you. Do not let this happen anymore. You should not work to support a parasite. x*x

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      At my wits end

      I know. I feel such a mug. I guess i worry about SS cos ive got rid twice and took him back like an absolute idiot. Shortly after i wrote my last post yesterday we had yet another row. The way he just came up to me starting going on about cars yet again i just rolled my eyes. A few weeks back he wanted a van. I cant keep up at all. I know it sounds petty but he just thinks i can magic these things out the air.
      I told him straight last night ‘if you keep doing this we will split up’ to which he replied ‘oh no i dont want that again’ then hugged me.
      He has no idea about mental health. And thats what hurts more than the physical side.

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      Hey HUn

      When the police come they will put your kids in another room so they dont hear or see anything, u can do this hun

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        The police do not put your kids in another room as I discovered that when I complained about my kid being in the room when I was chatting to an officer about the abusive incident that I called them out to.

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      Oh no, he is really using you to have a nice life. We call this slavery in other words ….
      Please get rid of him.
      What holds you back? Is he so good looking?
      We are so clouded in our thinking until it is almost too late.
      Be strong and kick him out. Otherwise you will always be poor. x*x

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      At my wits end

      Hi all. Sorry its taken so long to reply.
      No he is no prince charming. I dont even fancy him.

      I really dont want police involvement. But if it comes to it i will.

      He is just such a sad loser.
      He isnt capable of doing anything by himself.

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