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      So (detail removed by moderator) he was been begging for another chance again and saying he knows he is in the wrong but he loves us all and he will better. He was crying (he never normally cries at anything in day to day life, although he has cried quite a few times in front of me recently) and said (detail removed by moderator), he said he thought about killing him self the other night (detail removed by moderator), how can I as a human being not be effected by all of this it is killing me to see him so so upset, I know it’s his actions that have caused this but I can’t live with myself knowing I’m upsetting him this much, I just don’t know what to do, I feel like I’m having some kind of breakdown with it all, I’m trying to be strong but I just can’t cope. I know I want it to be over but I don’t want to hurt him like this. I know people are going to say threatening to commit suicide is another abuse tactic but I honestly don’t think this is a tactic, he is truly heart broken and I think he actually realises what he has done now. I feel as though I should give him one last chance just so I don’t feel as bad.
      Any advice gratefully received x

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      I bet you’ve already given him chance after chance. Abusers are liars. He’s not concerned about you and how you feel, he’s using guilt as a means of control. My ex did this and the crying and as soon as he got his own way there was a smirk, he went from suicidal and crying to skipping. Then the abuse quickly returned as it always does. These men are not real. He doesn’t care about you or he wouldn’t be emotionally blackmailing you and trying to destroy you with his behaviour. He is not your responsibility. My advice is to get out safely from this abusive relationship before he strips you of even more of your mental health. You’ve made your decision and any decent human being wouldn’t want to be with someone who they hurt so badly but just like the parasite he is he’s hanging around to burrow back into your life like an emotional vampire. Sorry if I’m being blunt but I wish someone had told me straight early on. Suffering from domestic abuse is a life sentence. He simply doesn’t care and if you want a happy healthy life for you and your kids you need to work on getting him away x

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