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      I’m at my lowest point, I’m so sad, depressed, stressed out
      How do you actually leave? Like do I wait till he’s at work take his stuff to his mums then go stay with a family member with our little one? Would this be wrong
      Iv asked him to leave many times, he’s abusive , controlling and smokes so much weed , always in debt, I can’t cope anymore I don’t know what todo
      Why am I so scared to tell my family and his family what’s going on, I just hate myself I wish I was strong

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      Hi please don’t hate yourself I’m in the same situation leaving is not easy or non of us would be here. I tried to leave a few years ago and he lost it. That day I realised when I do leave I just need to pack my stuff when he’s at work. We joint own our home and have two kids some days I have one foot out the door other days I can’t see a way but baby steps u will get there there is so many people on here with great advice keep posting and stay strong my inbox is always open xx

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      I’m wondering if I would struggle to leave. I’ve thought if my grown up kids lived further away I don’t think I’d hesitate but they don’t live far away and I think that would cause big problems. Lots of my kids stuff is here with me and my son would cause major issues if I left now. My son would give me grief and also would visit this house after I’ve gone and that would be a major issue with my other half . I’m always pig in the middle whatever I do I won’t be able to win . I will make everything worse . If only I was stronger but then again my kids don’t want to listen to anything I say . According to them I’m always wrong anyway .

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      I’m glad I’m not the only one cos I do feel silly sometimes , I just would feel bad too if I just left with our little onebut the thing is I would never stop him seeing our little one but I know he would make out I’m running away with him

      I don’t have him in the house name it’s all in my name,

      Past few days have been hell like I feel like I’m going to have a break down cos I need to justify things to him constantly like why I left 5 mins earlier why I didn’t answer his phone quicker , accusing me of everything, cheating lying etc, I just don’t want to live like this

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