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      Dear ladies, please can anybody give me any advice on the best way of getting rid of someone and making less his involvement in my life. I met someone on holiday, I dont intend to see him again. He keeps sending me messages on Wattsap, part of me likes receiving the messages and chatting with him this way sometimes. But I wanted to purge all men from my life for a while. I have tried to tell him that i’m busy and can’t message much he is quite insistent. I would like to have him maybe just as a friend but not this, every day messaging sort of thing and him getting possessive if I don’t contact him. I think as part of me is that I’m too ‘nice’ and don’t want to offend, so would find it quite hard just to block him. Thanking you in advance. XXXXX

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      The only way to get rid of him is telling him the truth.
      I would be straightforward in my approach and present him the facts. It is up to him then to accept a normal friendship with occasional texts or to give up entirely.
      Btw, his behaviour is very suspicious of another abuser.

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      Thank you for your response. I decided shortly after posting this that I had to take the bull by the horns and just block him from contacting me. I have decided recently that I need to purge all male involvement from my life however small. This particular person was really just a holiday fling, we both knew the score. But he has been bombarding me since and getting quite angry when I don’t reply quickly. You are right, abusive red flags. I’m not very good at letting go sometimes but I have done it now. Many thanks. X

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      Well done! 🙂

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      HI HUn

      I was just going to suggest block him but u have done that already so well done, that is always best option , i always block people i want no contact with or better delte there no after so i dont fallin to temptation of calling them and this one guy i just said straight got too much going on leave me alone for a while and ill contact u myself when im ready

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      Thanks Confused, its not easy for me sometimes to let go but I have now so that the best thing. I’m now 100% without any man in my life in any way, shape for form, the first time in thirty years. The next few months are likely to be a bit of a challenge. I hope that you are ok. XXXXX

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