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      Reading others posts has been eye opening enlightening and uplifting. Going no contact at all since (detail removed by moderator) has been so helpful to my mental health. Everything my malicious narc said he would do he has. He still enters the property as it is in both our names getting into locked ares to gather information. The depths he has plummed I find hard to credit. It’s all about mind control and power. I remember when I was pregnant he read (detail removed by moderator) and he read out a passage repeat a lie long enough and it becomes the truth! I felt sick and told him to stop reading that evil book but of course he ignored me. My children know exactly who he is but have no choice but to stay with him. I miss them terribly but I refuse to have anything to do with him. He is as angry as he was (detail removed by moderator) years ago when he left. What I need is a photo of him in the house but somehow he got around the wifi and the cctv recording was wiped. I will continue to maintain no contact. (Detail removed by moderator).

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      It’s quite scary the lengths some will go.
      In reference to repeating a lie, they may well believe it. In my cases he had so many versions in the end he tripped himself up – you don’t have to have a good memory if you tell the truth.
      You are right the women on here are true warriors.

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      and so are you both 🙂 the problem is these men actually think that theyre entitled to do this to us. they think theyre above the law. Its hard not to get drawn in to their thinking and their control. The truth is their thinking is very delusional. im only glad my ex was not very intelligent, as the authorities and the court saw him for what he was, a liar. they minimise and deny but this can only be accepted for so long. they have to admit wrong doing when theyre presented with the facts. Most of these men actually feel (underneath very inferior and insecure) once theyre exposed and the masks slips theyre actually nobodies.for me like him i never gave up, i knew to stay one step ahead and pre-empt what was next. i also knew he would trip himself up and he did eventually. be prepared to be in this for the long haul but also believe that he he will be found out. thats when you walk away with your head held high and as the better person xx

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      Yes every single woman on here is unbelievably strong and brave and so are you for being able to see through him and to stay no contact no matter what he tries to pull.
      Like all women before us who fought oppression and won over time, the same is true for us here.
      I too have my children living with him. I also absolutely don’t want anything to do with him. That’s the way it is atm and I try to be grateful for the things I do have.

      One thing I find alarming when reading your post; did I understand correctly that your ex hacked into your home network to delete vids??
      If you don’t mind me saying…I would suggest to check the protection settings of your wireless network. Hard reset your router to start with and change the username and password (name to something non-identifiable and a strong password at least 20 random various characters long). You’ll find the default username and password on the instruction manual that came with the router.
      Install the latest available update from your router’s manufacturer and set up all the latest security options e.g. WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access).
      Unless it’s a really old router (more than two years) than it’s best to buy a new one altogether.

      I am reading a book about how to protect our online data and find it quite interesting.
      The book I read is called “The art of invisibility” written by a hacker turned Fortune 500 and FBI computer security consultant Kevin Mitnick.

      All the best and keep safe (online) and keep posting

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