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      But, I’m struggling, beiing in my position, I won’t be the only one I’m sure. (If it helps people who may identify with me or for those who haven’t understood me to understand. I can only say, suffering the abuse from my h…..d this last decade,in part becaus of his horrific childhood abuse at the hands of his parents, which went undetected and has now taken its toll on me too! Both physically and mentally, my body can’t take stress anymore & my cognitive thinking becomes overloaded during stress attacks. This adds to my difficulties of trying to deal with my life, especially with no one to turn to for support I could have posted in the disabled & suffering domestics violence category, maybe identified in that category? but I am up against familial abuse too, from his and my family sadly, so it gets a bit confusing for me to know where exactly to voice my problems? Where I should be identifying with others? The fact is I’m just trying to off load I guess, because I’ve woken up to the fact that… I’m struggling with what over time, all rolled into one. I’ll keep trying to find appropriate places to find support though thankyou for your help Lisa.

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      Hi Hazydayz,

      You are amazing and strong and courageous.
      Just the title of your thread says it all.
      You have been through so much, you deserve to aim towards happiness and peace.

      Have you had any therapy over the years?
      I hear trauma therapy is good.
      Have you done a freedom Programme?
      These are beneficial for both familial abuse and partner abuse.
      I finished mine recently and have signed up for the freedom forever Programme that you can only join after completing the first one.
      I hear the second Programme looks at life after abuse, support for getting on with your future.
      I find talking helps me.
      I still have wobbles now but I talk to someone close to me and I feel better after.
      Also, I’ve realised, I don’t have to keep busy all the time , I can stop and sit down and just think.
      I think in the abusive situation, and after, we are conditioned to still think a certain way.
      Overcoming that thought process is challenging.
      We are all here for you xx

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        Thank you for your message. Yes, we don’t all have to constantly keep busy to avoid the PTSD that domestic abuse creates.

        Warm regards,


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        What is a freedom programme? please

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      Hello my lovely, it sounds as though you have had a lot of trauma to try to deal with on your own and although i don’t know what you’ve been through i do know that you have shown amazing courageous strength already as you are so brave, as you say you are an abuse survivor. I too have health conditions and this can make you feel even more isolated, my GP has been incredibly supportive and I also speak to a DA Counsellor once a week and she has been a lifesaver, opening up to someone about your own personal experience with abuse can help you process all the traumatic things you’ve been through and they can help you think from a different perspective. I for one think you’re incredible, with all you’re going through, an inspiring, kind beautiful lady. Stay as strong as you have been and I’m sure the silver lining is just round the corner. Sending much love x*x

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      Twisted Sister

      Hello Hazydayz

      You need someone to turn to irl, someone who can understand what you are suffering, and how much trauma you have experienced. Is your GP aware of all that you are going through? Have you any contact with local DA agencies? Its vital to have someone to turn to in such trauma. You always have here, and it doesn’t matter really where you post, you don’t have to fit yourself into anything in particular, I suspect many women’s experiences could fit into many of the categories also. You choose whatever suits you best, or just use the general option, it doesn’t matter. More important is you finding the help and support you need to help to get you through and to a place of starting to recover. Someway to be safe so that you can start to heal and move on with your life. You deserve this and you need this.

      warmest wishes


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      Dear Hazydayz,
      I really wish I could do more for you. It’s not easy being bombarded by family members that are abusive. I can completely identify with what you’ve mentioned. My family only use me for financial gain and is just waiting for me to die so that they can gain more financial benefits from my death. I also know how hard it is for other people to fathom how abusive family members can be. I remember trying to talk to counsellors and GPs about my familial abuse and was just met with disbelief /or judgement. I am trying each day to come to terms with the sexual and domestic abuse my immediate family put me through and am so thankful that I no longer have to see any of them.

      I sincerely wish you all the best with managing your stress and will be hoping that you can source some form of peace,


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      I can empathise, not all abusive relationships are isolated to one intimate partner, I’m currently having counselling and having to painfully realise I was abused as a child at home and externally and then entered a very violent relationship then into an abusive long term relationship which I exited nearly (detail removed by Moderator) ago, not everyone has the perfect life then they meet ‘one bad apple’ some of us were damaged before that and it is a lot entangling our life experiences, it definitely helps understand why we have maybe remained in abusive situations but it’s also a quest to find out who we really are, who we would have been had all this not accrued, mine was a funny, inquisitive little girl at the age of (detail removed by Moderator) before abuse turned me into a scared withdrawn shadow but I have hope I will get back to her as I do for all in the same position, you will
      Feel or see glimpses of the real you and once you e found her you will guard her with your life, have hope and remain true to yourself

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