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      I just feel it’s getting worse, not better.
      All “our” friends continue to lap up his (detail removed by Moderator) narrative. None have reached out to me.
      And our (detail removed by Moderator) has a big event coming up and has invited my ex and (detail removed by Moderator) to go, but hasn’t even mentioned it to me. I am gutted.
      I have also had a big falling out with a family member who I really depended on for support.
      My GP has increased my medication, but I genuinely can’t see what the point is of getting out of bed in the mornings. I don’t regret leaving. It was horrible. I regret ever meeting him. But then my children… The whole of the last (detail removed by Moderator) feels like such a massive mistake and now I have nothing.

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      You have your pride and dignity. And you have the strength to have walked away.

      Mutual ‘friends’ will always say they’ll never side, but more often then not they do. (Our mutual friends are edging on his side, so I tell them nothing now. To me, they’re just ‘pub’ buddies).

      Is there anyone else going to this event you could go with? Even if it’s just to hold your head high, and shove two fingers up at the world?

      Once you’ve found a momentum, however small, maybe you could find a common ground with your relative, and build on from there?

      You have a fresh start and the world at your feet.

      Hugs to you…. I really do hope you start feeling bigger, better and stronger soon xx

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      Morning Lottieblue,

      This feeling of being alone is rubbish, the so called joint friends taking sides, his of course as he is playing the hard done by abandoned man, unable to comprehend what has happened as it was in his head fine, and he has done nothing wrong and you are the nasty woman who has left him to cope alone.

      So much happens when we leave that we cannot do anything about, people make up their own minds as to what went on in the relationship and only you and your ex know the real circumstances, it is such a shame that people do not want to see both sides and make an informed decision, so the so called friends have listened to him who has shouted loudest, I would not class them as friends.

      As for you family member reach out to them and explain that you are not in a good place at the moment feeling vulnerable and really appreciate their support, nothing is that bad that you cannot come back from it with family.

      Things will not always feel like this, we can have rubbish days and even weeks when there seems little to get any joy from, but it will pass, as you get stronger in yourself it will get better try to find something to work towards for the future that will give you direction and take up some of your thinking time.

      Take care, 💐

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      @Lottieblue, sending you a massive hug. Have you heard of the Recovery Toolkit? Google it, you can get the book off Amazon. See if you have a local organisation that is running a group on it. If not, you can follow it yourself. It is really helpful. Pm on its way. Stay strong, not going to give you platitudes, it is rubbish, especially when exs don’t disappear and do the right thing but seem intent on looking good, the best they’ve ever been, and being around. They have no shame these men. They are all the same. x*x

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      Hope your having a better day today? As for Regrets?…I’ve had a few too! Haven’t we all here? I’m sure we have! Look after yourself 💐

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