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      i have only just worked out how to get back in here since the up dated site. Not sure if I’m doing it right now.
      I am really struggling since I left only a few weeks ago. Some very small things have happened but not sure if it’s a tactic or just normal things people do – he joined an FB business page of someone close to me and put up Xmas things that were made for me and he knows people will see and prob tell me. I miss him loads but keeping wondering what do I miss cuz he’s a liar, a cheat and a controlling manipulator. Sorry for the rant

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      Hi Tamra
      Great to see you on the new forum. It sounds like these posts are tactical, if he knows posting these things will get back to you. You can always call the helpline if you need to talk to someone on 0808 2000 247.
      It is normal to miss him as he was a big part of your life and it will take time to get him out of your head. I hope you find the new forum a good place for support.

      Take Care and keep posting


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      Sounds like he’s playing games. It’s going to be difficult and what you’re feeling is normal. If you can I wools block this page and him so you can’t see and ask your friends to do same. Keep talking to us on the forum and see if there’s help locally. You’re not alone xx

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      hi hopesprings
      Thank you for your reply
      I blocked him months ago even before I left. He can’t see anything about me and me the same for him
      The page he is following is my ……’s and I can’t see him on there either it was her that told me.
      Life is hard with him and without him
      I am very hyper sensitive to the outside world at the moment but I still do things which is good
      I don’t feel many people understand how I feel as many say move on, what are you crying for now etc.

      Don’t understand why he would put up the Xmas decoration that was made for me up so early, he has someone else now so why punish me?????
      Just control but why I didn’t cheat and control him and make him do everything I wanted and tell him to make me feel better…. Me me me person.
      Just madness


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      Thank you Lisa
      I dont know how to write this but even a name can trigger of emotions and every time I see yours… I’ll leave it up to people to work out what I’m trying to say – god that sounds like the headworker but I don’t know how to write how I feel every time I see…


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      I know how you’re feeling hen. Some people can be very dismissive of our feelings, it’s awful what these men have put us through and it’s not as easy as moving on and getting over it. Life isn’t like that in general. I’ve found this forum to be a great help to me. And my local women’s aid I honestly don’t know where I would be without them, I get a tear in my eye every time I say that sentence.

      He’s trying to get to you. Your friend should block him or just not tell you what he’s doing as its what he wants. It can be hard for people to understand when they think they may be helping you by telling you things etc. Just stay strong my love xx

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