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      Hi new here and my head is a mess, although my hubby has never actually hit he’s screams and shouts at me insults me smashes my possessions! Today he flipped out again hurling abuse I’ve mentally had enough I’m mentally exhausted have zero confidence because of the names he calls me I want to take my daughter and leave. But I’m scared I have no family around me and no friends. I’m scared to leave because I don’t know what he will do he scares me.

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      Hi pixie welcome to the forum
      You will get lots of support here
      Please call 0808 2000 247 the helpline here to talk with someone and they can help and advise you
      You and your child do not deserve to be scared in your home it’s is abuse
      Please call them so they can assist you
      Big hugs xx

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      Hi Hun

      When they scare us we think we can’t doing anything , call the advise line and get guidance , worse thing u can do is keep it to yourself , this is when they get worser , with support and guidance u will see way out , sitting crying will just mAke u feel worser, my eldest is my second abuser and doing same scaring me, the thing that keeps me going is by talking and getting support

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      Hi pixiedust, abuse is abuse and although your partner is not physically harming you he is emotionally and verbally abusing you which is just as damaging. You have a right not to be treated in this way, you deserve better.

      Well done for posting about this, I hope with support you will start to realise that you are worth so much more. Like the other women have said, please do think about contacting the helpline to talk to someone directly about this. The more people you speak to who understand what you are going through, the more I hope you will realise that this isn’t OK and you deserve much better.

      Best wishes


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      Falling Skys

      Hi Pixiedust

      I’m just getting out, I found an old diary over two decades old, I written I’m so unhappy, I hate him, but I don’t know how to get out. Get advice you and your daughters sake.

      Don’t be like me living years in misery, abuse is abuse however its served.


      FS xx

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      Hi Pixiedust

      Sorry to hear your feeling so scared my husband was not physically abusive either but he was mentally abusive, it completely drains every part of you and leaves you unable to function properly I am out of it now it hasn’t been long and I am slowly re-building my better life for me and my children, you have the right as a human being to live your life without being controlled, manipulated and disrespected! I hope you find the strength to leave it never changes big hugs x*x

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      Hi Pixie dust, I have had decades of this type of abuse, I didn’t even realise until 4 years ago that it was abuse. I was never hit until a few weeks ago for the first time, it was ranting, name calling, general control and smashing my possesions usually my most precious ones. It gets worse and worse over time, I wish I had left years ago a he has slowly tried to destroy me, I have disabilities that make me trapped at present but don’t just keep taking this abuse, it will make you ill and won’t be good for your Daughter, My Daughter now grown up blames me for not leaving him .Tale advise from the Ladies on here who have got out and phone the Womens aid helpline xx

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