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      After years of putting up with his abusive behaviour (& nearly having a breakdown) today I pack his stuff up and dropped it his parents and changed the locks. I just couldn’t bare another day of it. It’s my house so I have the right to do that. I thought taking his stuff to his parents house would be better than calling the police.
      He left for work on (detail removed by moderator) and didn’t come home till (detail removed by moderator) not a phone call or text in this time not even to see if his son was ok.he looked a complete mess where he had been drinking every night with his mates. None of the bills have be paid this month ect but he can afford to drink all night for nights on end. Then when he got home he was following me round the house asking me to make it work going on and on for hours telling me I’m to blame I have no compassion I’m taking everything away from he won’t be able to go on with out me ect. So this morning I thought I can’t live like this any more.
      I know it’s not the end of it and I’m sure he won’t walk away without some sort of outburst. I feel very mean doing it like this but how was he ever going to save up money to rent his own place if he just drinks everything he’s got. In writing this I feel I have to justify what I have done I guess that’s because I’ve been told for so long I am mean I don’t trust my own indict. But I do know I couldn’t live another day through it.
      Thanking you for reading

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      That’s really brave Snow. And don’t feel mean. You are a compassionate person that’s why you feel guilty. He’s taking advantage because your too kind to shut him out. He underestimated your strength though. 🙂

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        Thank you
        To be honest I’m quit proud of myself today , it’s taken me a long time to get to this point and a lot of reading about abusive relationships. Joining women’s aid has really helped even though I’ve only wrote a few things. But again read lots where I found a lot of answers to things. He made me feel like I was going mad and would always say I was unbalanced you start to doubt yourself after a while in every decision you make when your told that on a regular basis. But when read what everyone else has been through and read the circle of abuse it is a pattern and there aim is make you weak so they feel strong. Well I felt strong today and can now rebuild myself and my family back. Things can only get better 🙂

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      Well done !!!! Never let him back into your life!

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      You are one brave lady.

      Well done. X*x

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        Serenity thank you 🙂

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        Hi Ayanna
        It took so much time and strength to get here , I will never let that man back into my life. I’m actually looking forward to life now 🙂

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      White Rose

      Wow! Well done you amazingly strong woman!
      You should feel really proud of your self xxxx

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        Thank you white rose 🙂

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      You should be so proud of yourself well done for finding the strength to get him out, thinking of you hope your ok xx

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