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      Hello ladies,

      Just feel like I wanted to share this with all of you.
      I got out (removed by moderator)! After getting blamed AGAIN for something that was purely his own fault I was still hesitant at first. But after I received a call from drunk himself and hearing all those threats enough was enough. I called my support worker and she picked me up with all of my belongings.

      II am scared to even turn my phone on, it’s been off since I left house because I know I will find 20 thousand missed calls and texts and I just don’t feel like dealing with that.

      Another thing I also found out (removed by moderator). It is possible that I might be pregnant. This scares me even more. I will be seeing doctor today to get tested by them just to be 100% if I am or not.
      If it turns out to be true, do you all think he deserves to know? I think I would wait couple months before I tell him anyway, but still curious what would you do in this situation?

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      Amazing you incredable brave lady a huge well done.
      If it was me then id wait get yourself in a slightly better place b4 you tell him.
      You have months ahead of you he doesnt deserve to know so you tell him onky when you are ready.
      Now you need to concentrate on you. Getting help and getting yourself to a safe place in your head and outside, learn to trust yourself again love yourself again and look after yourself.
      Thats what you need to do right now.
      But wow a huge huge well done from me, be kind to yourself cause im guessing the next bit is gonna be hard really hard but you got this. Sending hugs xx

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        I know that is the plan, I will be getting results from doctors (removed by moderator) so will know for sire if there is a bun in the oven or not. Even though for the last couple months he’s been very emotionally abusive, but I did agree before to stop taking the pill so I knew this could’ve happened any time, that’s why I still think he should know maybe not right away, but eventually. And know in a way that if he wants to be in child’s life and support it then it’s his choice. But mine and his lives are separate now. I know I would only tell him once I get everything sorted for myself and when I know I am happy with myself.

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      Well done!
      I was the same with my mobile, it was on flight mode for the first few months at first.
      It gave me anxiety just to see something pop up, but as soon as you switch it on, block him on everything. Get ride of social media, never answer numbers you do not know. Get emails to automatically archive.
      If it was me I would not tell him so to keep him out of your and your childs life completely.
      Otherwise you will never be free of him.
      Normal right and wrong morality does not apply to these men. Because your safety, mental and physical has to come first.

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        It was weird turning it on as I had calls and texts from maybe 5 different people. And it’s still going. Just have my phone on mute

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        Airplane mode is amazing because you can now have it on airplane mode, but keep wifi on.
        So no calls or texts, just whatever app you leave on your phone.
        I like to think about the past, how it’s natural that we would not be contactable, only perhaps by letter. I imagine myself being like in a period drama, someone would go into the country to relax and rest, be totally cut off from distractions. To just be with nature again and in peace

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