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      Hi Everyone,

      my dad is really upsetting me, i have to live with him now after leaving my ex.
      He has always financially abused me, my family is ducked up.
      they treat their daughters like sons when it suits them. yet they buy their sons eveything like literallyu spoonfeed them so they get amazing careers.
      i have paid rent to them and got into s**t jobs all the way up until being married. my dad has taken all my savings which i saved up for my wedding and then told me to pay for my wedding all by myself. with what money?
      i have some money left over and my dad told me (detail removed by Moderator) not to spend it cus he apparantly gave it to me (i said no you just returned the money u took off me) he wnats to use this money for himself.. no surprise there?
      when i stood up for myself he shouted at me so much.
      i hate him.
      i feel failed by every single man in my f*****g life.
      my brother was also abusive towards me throughout my whole life.. yet when he hears about my ex he’s like yeh i would never hit my wife but brokenheartedgirl(me) always thought she could defend herself against me before. he was laughing about this to my cousin.
      WHAT THE ACTUAL F**K I HATE THIS MAN (detail removed by Moderator)!
      whenever his wife degrades him he says nothing but today he swore at me and shouted so loud i burst into tears i thought he will attack me.
      I HAVE BEEN ABUSED LEFT RIGHT AND CENTRE, i know he stopped hitting me but i cannot get over the fact he has beaten me up over the years.
      even my younger brother acts disrespectful and thinks its okay to slap me (i was (detail removed by Moderator) when he slapped my face)
      can you see why i feel so hurt im so let down.
      when my brothers wfie moved in my dad put a mirror in my old bathroom she lived rent free, HE COULDNT GIVE ME A MIRROR WHEN I LIVED THERE. When my brother was gettinf married he gave so much money to my brother wife AND HE WAS RELUCTANT TO GIVE ME ANYTHING INFACT HE JUST RETURNED THE MONEY THAT WAS MINE AND GOES ON ABOUT IT TILL THIS DAY.
      i know my dad is poor but i hate his guts all of these men have hit me.
      ALL OF THEM!

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      Hey, that’s awful, your family sound really abusive and you don’t deserve that. It doesn’t sound safe. Have you spoken to your local women’s aid about a place in a refuge until you get back on your feet? You will be safe there and supported.

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      Hey sweetie my goodness you have alot going on there dont you?
      Listen you are not alone, i was abused as a child hit picked on and sexually by my brother then as an adult i was stalked and eventaully raped by my uncle now im in a not very nice marriage so I get you.
      Its hard right carrying around all that pain that hate all by yourself, it feels like you could just explode right? I get it.
      But sweetie you were so brave and you got out of an abusive realtionship a huge well done to you for that now you should be concentrating on healing yourself gaining confidence self love but you cant as you are now back in another abusive house. Kip is right you need to reach out to womans aid see if you can get to a safer place where you are safe and have the help that you need to get yourself in a better place.
      This should be your time now to heal to grow.
      Carrying around all that hate and pain will just cause you more misery in your life believe me I know. You dont have to do this alone there are people out there that can help you just have to be brave enough to reach out and ask.
      You trusted yourself once you were brave and couragous you can do this again sweetie, time for you now. Much love xx

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      Hi Brokenheartedgirl

      This is awful. No-one should have to put up with this but you are especially vulnerable at the moment.

      Please consider getting help and moving into a refuge. That may sound scarey but it can’t be worse than the experience you’re having right now.

      In a refuge, you won’t be abused, no-one will pressure you into handing over your money (I think you will pay rent though), there will be other women who completely understand you and there should also be support workers who can help you get onto your own two feet.

      At the moment, you have moved out of the hands of one abuser and straight into the hands of another. You can’t recover whilst you are still being subjected to abuse.

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