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      I am beyond breaking point.I’ve had enough, (detail removed by moderator) Ive tried reaching out to for help have completely turned their backs on me. Why is it when you are at your absolute lowest with not an ounce of hope left in you these people say they can’t help you or sign post you to one thing after another. They preach about reporting sh*it and preach about reaching out for help yet they do nothing. This has been my life for the last (detail removed by moderator). I made the fatal mistake of going on a dating app and got talking to this guy who seemed so nice and intelligent. Big fkning mistake. After months of ignoring every red flag and warning sign I go to his place and (detail removed by moderator) steals my car and wrecks it. (I now know this was a plan between both of them to get me to stay at his flat) The police were involved and (detail removed by moderator) he found my car destroyed (detail removed by moderator).I was meant to be working on (detail removed by moderator) and couldn’t so called work distraught and they could not care less. (Detail removed by moderator) I got kicked out of my rented room (detail removed by moderator). I moved into a flat and his guy made up this story about how he was in danger and people were after him, so me being a nice person I allowed him to stay. This is where is all downhill. He lied about having a job, he was on benefits and an alcoholic. He stole my hard earned money to buy drinks and drugs and gaslighted me. He raped me, abused me, and made me believe I had a problem. One night the rape was so bad I called the police and reported him. The police seemed so caring at the time. (Detail removed by moderator). I was suspended from work and university for almost a year and this was the worst year of my life. I had no money, no support and the police treated me like s**t. (Detail removed by moderator) did not care and did not help. I had to sell everything I owned and spiralled to the point I just wanted to die. Once again the police did not care. My name was cleared and I returned to work only to find people hated me. To this day I get bullied and now I’m not even allowed to go into the office or contact anyone. I have been excluded from everything. (Detail removed by moderator) No warning. Nothing. He is a free person. I was second and treated like an animal in the mental health unit and staff even lied on record. I had no change of clothes for days, nothing, they did not care. (Detail removed by moderator). I fought for justice, yet nothing could be done because I am not rich and I cannot get legal aid. I go to unison and try to fight for justice for how my workplace has treaed me, they lied to me and after my mental health became so bad they refused to help me anymore. I have reached out for help (detail removed by moderator). I am not rich enough to buy help. I am not on benefits or have children to get legal aid. This is only a short version of what has happened.
      I have been lied to and let down by: (detail removed by moderator).

      (Detail removed by moderator) There is no justice.

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      This just proves my whole point. No support even on here.

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      Hi there,

      I’m not really sure what you are asking for specifically if anything but it’s ok to be angry about mistreatment. From my own experience, I found that I came to a certain point where I exhausted my anger and then came a realisation that it wasn’t making me feel very good. Grief comes in different stages like waves and all we can really do is ride those waves until they become like gentle laps on the shore. There are things I’ve found that have helped me a great deal through the healing process such as spirituality, meditation, exercise and walks in nature. Others will have found different things that have helped them.

      I hope this helps a little x

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      Also, I’d like to say that when you are feeling like this is something you can take on, do you feel finding a different job sounds like a positive idea? The workplace environment sounds toxic and if you’ve exhausted every avenue with Unison and your HR department, perhaps it’s time for a fresh start. Clearly you hate it there and it’s not doing you much good in staying and being bullied for doing so. I’ve left jobs and workplaces due to toxicity. In the end I felt there was no shame in holding my hands up and admitting defeat, I’d tried everything to change things, to make them better and nothing really worked.

      I’m sorry you’ve had poor experiences with the police and others. I’ve always found the police very supportive whenever I’ve needed them in my life.

      There are some really amazing resources from amazing people out there that can help, it’s never a one size fits all solution but why not look at Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru, Dalai Lama & Richard Grannon for some guidance? There are also lots of others who do amazing work to help others in the darkest of times.

      Try not to lose faith in humanity x Not everyone is a bad person x

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