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      I can’t say the exact details but I now have a written proof.
      Should I go and see the police with it? And if I do, where will it lead?
      We are divorcing. But I am not too sure what I want to do with this piece of evidence…

      Part of me feels I have ”won” yet part of me feels I don’t want to do anything about it. I showed the written proof to my DV lady (in the refuge) and she asked me how it made me feel. I don’t even really know…

      At the refuge I feel like a fraud, most women have experienced much worse than me, but one of the workers said I should not minimise my case. I decided to join a refuge very recently and in a way it is the best and the worst thing I could have ever done. It feels surreal. We don’t get a chance to talk much with a DV specialist worker, I only see mine once a week. I could see her more if I called her but I don’t have the courage. I read Lundy Bancroft’s book and make notes on my life, my memory coming up with lots of details. One of the girls (very affected by DV) said tonight that it all reminds her of her ex…I listen to her stories and told her that her case sounded massively violent to me, mine hardly…a question of personal perspective, or denial of my own situation, being used to it? Minimisation?

      I keep reading the written proof and keep looking at it with different feelings each time…What would you suggest I do now?

      Lost! Again!

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      Falling Skys

      Hi BJ

      You are far from a fraud, any abuse is wrong and unacceptable we never ask for what we got. I think we all feel others abuse is worse than what we have had to endure, because in away we have normalised it.

      I would sleep on what to do with letter, its not going to make any difference if you take it to the police now or in a week. You must do what is right for you to heal.

      Hugs FS xx

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      Hey Hun

      After with falling sky we always think our abuse was never that bad , keep a journal and write how u feel daily , keep evidence safe and when u ready report to police , I’m advising all ladies when they r safe to make these men face upto what they did , they have no remorse what they did to us so why should we feel bad what happens to them , stay strong sweetie and post as much as u need to, we need just as much support when we r trying to leave them and after to recover from after shock and all our confused feelings . Sending massive hug out to u , so proud of u for finally leaving , I know how hard it was for u, but watch as u get even stronger

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