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      I’ve done it I’ve stood my ground and left.
      It’s taken me years so many years but I can’t believe I’ve done it

      Im Filled with fear , scared and full of anxiety to the poor I can’t eat !

      He’s is using the Children and playing the victim but I I’m staying strong .

      I guess I need reassurance that this will get better , theses feeling will go away because it’s all I feel !

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      Well done for making that leap! It does get better, through the highs and lows that will follow, just remember how far you have come. Don’t expect too much from yourself too soon, it must have taken a lot of courage to finally leave and it will take time for you to properly process that.

      Best of luck x

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      Well done! And breathe…

      It does get better but just be aware there will be good and bad days while you break the bonds. Take one day at a time and remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Enjoy the peace tonight xx

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      Yellow-flower, proud of you, if you can survive domestic abuse you can survive anything!, you went through it, you got out of it, it will get better you can do this and he will use tactics but your aware of them all now and as your said your standing your ground and staying strong (please try and have something to eat this is a new start for you now) 👏🏻🏅👍🏻🤗💖

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      Brilliant news Yellow-flower!
      I remember not being able to eat a thing for days after I left.
      I’m still early in my journey but as others have said, there will be good and bad days on the road ahead. Stay focused on why you have left, try and ride out the bad days and stay firm in your decision.
      You have done so amazingly well to get to this point. Give yourself time and look after yourself. Xx

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      Hi Yellow-Flower

      Fantastic news. Well done you. YES it does get better!

      I remember the terror after I first left. I hadn’t been allowed to make any decisions during my relationship so to have to suddenly start deciding things for myself was terrifying. If ever I did try to make a decision he’d point out all the things that could go wrong so I’d become terrified to make any choices and that conditioning lingered after I’d left.

      Face the things that terrify you. One by one you’ll discover that it’s not so scary after all and you’ll soon find some confidence. You can live independently and eventually you’ll feel empowered by how well you do on your own. In the long run you’ll do much better for yourself without him constantly dragging you down!

      There will be times when you just want to crawl under a rock and hide or just wail into a pillow but there will also be times where you feel ecstatic.

      Over time I found that I experienced fewer extremes of emotion and I’m now on a much more even keel. I hope you will also find this happens in time.

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      Thank you all so much,
      I’m going through a range of thoughts and feelings . Like him being with someone else , being scared no one will her love me like he did, what people are saying as I was past .

      Then Days when I feel at peace that I did the right thing . He never hit me it was always mind games , manipulation and emotional.

      I expected him to put up a fight but nothing , it’s like I never existed . I’ve gone no contact anyway but needed to discuss the children and it made me feel
      Sick .

      I’m holding on that I will come out the other side !
      Felling very up and down

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      Omg well done that’s massive x x x I know the struggles to tell him I’m not quite there yet but reading your story helps so much x one day at a time lovely x it will all settle x so proud of you x

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